I can’t sleep!

I am discovering that sleeping on a bike tour is tough. The hardest part for me is sleeping in, right now it is 6:30 and I could still be asleep but I got up anyway. Why? Because everything is too exciting!

All it takes is a bike and two yellow panniers and I am free to explore wherever I please! Every day we get to ride to new places and meet new people and see beautiful landscapes and pet cute animals…

Just yesterday, we had the opportunity to talk to many awesome people.

We started out our day by meeting Bob, a man who had a mid-life crisis and began cycling as a result. Now he is seventy and he has been cycling everywhere: the coast of Maine, the Allegany Gap trail and he is heading to the Adirondacks very soon.

When we caught up with him he was cycling eighteen miles to a little diner for breakfast and then cycling back, of course. Seventy is the new thirty when you meet Bob! He told me a story about meeting Sheldon Brown, but before he had any idea who Sheldon Brown was.  But the coolest thing that Bob told me is that he repairs donated bicycles and gives them to the Salvation Army and other organizations in his spare time. What a guy!

I chatted to Karen, a teacher who wants to hike the Continental divide or ride across the country someday.

Jack pulled over and got out of his car to make sure Noah and I weren’t lost. (We were not lost, we were just looking at the maps to make sure we weren’t going to get lost. Preventative measures. We have never been lost and we will never get lost….it’s the truth, I promise!) He is a former cyclist and gave us some tips for if we ever have a flat tire. You are a great guy, Jack, now get back on the bike!

Tonight, we stayed in the same campground as two young guys, Chad and Dylan, if I am remembering their names correctly. They left Erie, Pennsylvania yesterday and are headed to Oregon on their bikes.


Meeting Steve

But the coolest thing that happened yesterday is that we met up with Steve, a cyclist who found my blog awhile back and has been a help and encouragement to me ever since. He has been riding from Chicago back to New York and we met in the middle of Erie, Pennsylvania. He rides FANY (a bicycle ride across NY) every year, I will definitely meet up with him again on that ride some day! It was so exciting to meet an online cycling friend for the first time, you totally made my day, Steve.

Well, come to think of it, maybe it was the friendly miniature horses that made my day. Noah put a photo on his Instagram of the cute little beasts. Sadly, I lost my camera’s SD card so I don’t have any pictures of them. But they were adorable and delighted to get some extra attention.

And now it is a new day with adventures and excitement just waiting to be uncovered!

20 thoughts on “I can’t sleep!

  1. I agree with Patrice:”Your posts make me smile” and three exclamation points! You’re meeting all sorts of wonderful people and having a great trip, but how do you do some of the business of life, like uploading posts from a tent?


    • Some campgrounds have wifi, which is the best thing ever…currently we are stopped at a little library. It is really nice and perfectly air conditioned-it is gonna be hard to go back outside into the heat!


  2. Obviously too much coffee brakes and not enough effort. Just kidding. We (me and rest of the family) going to rolling slowly in France from Fri until Wednesday. I’m pretty excited about that. Kids will be “dragged” outside, no pedalling no food ;-). Good luck!


  3. Whenever there is a big event like this, it is always hard to sleep. No matter if it is an event, or a tour, it is the same thing … if you weren’t excited, I’d think you would have to re-think your priorities … but since you are sleepless, I would chalk this up to being a normal cyclist.

    Looks like you’re having fun. Good for you. Kudos!


  4. Isn’t touring the cat’s meow? Your having the time of your life and I’m happy for you and your brother. I aired out my tent and sleeping bag yesterday in anticipation of my tour.


  5. Careful, this life on the road is addicting. I’ve done long distance adventures lasting up to 6 months. The hardest part is re-entry into everyday life once the trip is over. The routine of daily life is mind numbing. My point? Enjoy the heck out of every second of this trip. Although sounds like you are already doing that.


  6. Just discovered your Tour to Colorado Map. Very cool! So fun to see where you are and details of what you’re doing. Only downside is it made me want pizza. My one-handed typing skills are improving (slowly), but one-handed pizza-making is probably not the greatest plan. What do you think? Actually, what I would really want is to join you and Noah on your next ice cream stop. Miss you both! *hugs*


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