On the 12th day of touring…

wp-1464575031894.jpegToday is our 12th day out on the road. We have hit a few rough patches over the 700+ miles we have ridden in that time, but God has brought us through each one and hopefully we are stronger and smarter as a result. Embarrassingly, many of the interesting situations we have found ourselves in have been the result of a total lack of common sense on my part. Don’t worry, I have written them down, before the trip is over I will compile them so that we can cringe together.

But overwhelmingly, these past twelve days have been filled with wonderful experiences. Here are a few snippets…


This little bee was my buddy for about two miles, until he decided cycling wasn’t the life for him. Hey, if I could fly I wouldn’t bother with bikes either!


Travelling light means no excess junk…like bowls. Empty avocado halves work just fine.


Beautiful horses abound! There was a 15 mile stretch in Ohio where we passed by countless spotless Amish farms, even the birdhouses were in perfect condition.


I am becoming proficent at taking pictures while riding…this photo was taken at 18 mph. Yup, I am now officially cool.


Ohio has a wonderful network of impeccable paved bike trails. Bonus points for the shade and wind protection that the trees provide.


Lots of animals hang out on the bike trails. We saw baby woodchucks, rabbits, countless birds and this snapping turtle.


The bike trail also took us to a dirt path that went to the top of Fort Ancient. It was the steepest 1/4 mile hike I have ever been on. And we climbed it with biking shoes…not highly recommended.


The view from the Fort Ancient earthworks.


And today we crossed over the Ohio river into Kentucky!

Throughout this trip, Noah has amazed me. Before leaving home, his longest ride was 43 miles and now he is busting out 60+ days like he was born pedalling.

Yesterday was an especially neat day. In the morning, while we were riding side by side, he looked over at me and said,

“When did riding thirty miles become nothing?”

I swear, by the time we reach Colorado, I am going to be left in the dust. If anyone can give me tips on how to keep up, it would be greatly appreciated!

But that was just the beginning. We rode on paved trails all day yesterday and Noah decided that it was high time to conquer riding no-handed. It took me a year to become comfortable enough and skilled enough to ride no-handed, so you can imagine my consternation (and jealousy) when by the end of the day he was happily flying down the trail doing things like this…


I don’t think he has any idea how proud I am of him. It blows me away each day how blessed I am to be riding alongside one of my favorite-est people in the whole world.

In the past two years I have ridden 10,000ish miles and 99.8% of those miles I have ridden all by my little lonesome, believe me when I say that it is fantastic to now have a partner in crime. 

29 thoughts on “On the 12th day of touring…

  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about riding with a loved one instead of solo. Greatest thing in the world! The positives of trips like this always outweigh the cons.


  2. You’re doing great! Riding with a partner makes all the time and miles go like poof! Just keep it up, and you’ll make it there … you may not think you are improving, but you are.


    • Thanks for the encouragement 😀 It really does make time go by faster to ride with a partner, in one way it seems like we started out a lifetime ago but it also seems like no time has gone by at all.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. First of all, cudos for the on board photos… You’ve come a long way from the days where you were afraid of getting your water bottle out of its cage!

    Excellent post!


    • Thank you so much! I really enjoy riding solo, but it was high time to switch it up and ride with a partner. I am just so happy I get to do this ride with my brother 😀


  4. The saying is; It’s not an adventure until something goes wrong.
    Can’t wait to read your compilations of the trip and the rough patches. Rough patches definitely make life interesting and appreciation for smooth sailing. Thanks for your inspiration!


  5. Day 13 and I arrived home yesterday, Saturday and Sunday were both over 95 degrees!! I just took lots of 5 minute breaks and drank like crazy and rode slow… so slow. So a thousand miles in 13 days.

    I became quite a pack rat taking a extra spoon or using a coffee cup to make oatmeal. It was a great experience and I meet some interesting people, a full fledged the spaceship is coming for me guy and some just really nice people who offered some shade or water.

    Yesterday 2 of my friends brought me cold water and gatoraid, they were watching my track and met me on the road, which was awesome.

    It’s really good to be home and next time I’ll try to leave some more wiggle in my schedule and take a off day. But I’m sure by I’ll be day dreaming of this trip at work tomorrow and planning the next one in my head.

    One thing i did different with this trip was mountain bike shoes and campus pedals, one side SPD clip, one side flat pedal. As much as I love the the SPD-SL’s (like your pedals) for giving me a nice stable pedal platform, it was nice be able to walk and ride in a pair of shoes.

    You guys ride on… Seems like Erie was a life time ago!!!


    • Congrats Steve!! Especially for making it through the extreme heat…1000 miles in 13 days!?! You totally killed it. Watch out for those spaceships though, hehe 😀


  6. Love the posts you put on for us to see, beautiful pictures too. Miss you at the diner, but glad you are able to live your dreams and to share it with your brother, well life just doesn’t get any better than that. Be safe and enjoy each new adventure. God bless both of you and stay safe in Jesus’ care.


  7. Your title scared me, my friend! It sounded like a perfect setup for …my true love gave to me… Not saying you’re not allowed to meet someone special on a bike tour, but the relationship better not progress that fast. I shall tell our brother to keep his eyes open, haha. Besides, even though you and Noah are incredibly fast, strong and brave, how would you ever tow twelve drummers drumming? 🙂


  8. Oh my gosh! I’m so excited for you. I will be stalking your blog for the duration. Have so much fun. I want to do this too someday.


  9. Nice post Sis, you’re killing it with the photography 👌🏼 very cool to see your blog is drawing so much attention. Keep it up fammmm (:


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