0% Chance of Snow

snow on my commuteWhen I checked the weather before heading to work this morning, the forecast said there was no chance of snow. But before I had even finished my ride to work, snowflakes were flying through the air.

It continued to snow off and on all morning.

My boss came in and was wiping her snowy shoes on the doormat.

“It wasn’t supposed to snow today!”
She exclaimed.

Then she looked me right in the eye.

“Don’t look so happy about it, Bri!”

But I couldn’t help myself, I was excited to see a bit of snow covering the ground. My boss shouldn’t be sad for long however, because the meteorologists are predicting rain tomorrow afternoon. Secretly, I am hoping they will be wrong again and the rain will turn out to be more snow. Don’t tell my boss.

winter cycling glovesIn other news, I wore one of my Christmas presents on the way to and from work today. My parents gave me Borealis winter gloves from Planet Bike and I had to try them out. The temperature hovered around 20 degrees and I had a stiff headwind in the morning. Even though I just used the outer shell, my hands stayed wonderfully warm and super cozy. Niceness.

21 thoughts on “0% Chance of Snow

  1. Knowing you, from your blog, we know you weren’t secretly hoping the meteorologist would be wrong. So it’s good to know meteorologists there is just as ineffectual as they are over here. I can just imagine how happy you were.


  2. I have had those gloves for a few years now and they are very nice. When it gets below zero here, I wear my battery heated glove liners under them and my fingers never get cold.


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