Winter is done

DSC00346Even though it is still fall, I have decided to retire my summer bike, Winter, until spring. Though there is no snow on the ground, the roads are getting nastier each day. The amount of glass shards, grit and debris is increasing and I want to keep my road bike in good shape-I need her ready and raring to go for next year!

So she and I went for our last ride of the season today.  I rode knowing that it will probably be five months, maybe more before we ride together again.

I will miss the crisp click of clipping into the pedals. And sprinting down the road in the highest gear. And riding in the drops to fly down hills.

But we did have a great last day of riding together. The first nine miles there was a vicious headwind to fight, one of the strongest winds I have ever rode against. At times, when a particularly fierce gust would strike I was forced to drop into my second-lowest gear to maintain my cadence. To my right, a flock of geese was struggling to maintain their formation in the air.

Finally, I reached my destination, my brother and sister-in-law’s house. For a few wonderful hours I was able to hang out with my sister-in-law and play with my four adorable nieces and nephews. We sang lots of songs and played lots of games. Before I knew it, it was time to leave.

I knew exactly what I was in for on the way back to my parents’ house. Tailwind time! My bike and I went crazy. With the help of the wind, I was able to do something I have never done before on the flat-I was able to sustain 32-34 mph for minutes at a time. It felt insane. Someday I want to be able to do that without the need to exploit powerful gusts of wind.

I arrived at my parents’ house feeling like I was on top on the world. I made supper for my family, to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Afterward I left to head home to my apartment. Four miles, with a strong tailwind and two large downhill sections. They were the last four miles of the season for my road bike and I. And also the fastest. Winter wanted to go out on a high note, I guess.

That means it is up to me and the big guy to get through the next five months together.


Are you ready, big guy?

There is really only one thing left to say. But I am not brave enough to say it out loud because for some reason, whenever I do, I get really dirty looks thrown in my direction. So all I will say is that it rhymes with…Stickerline-elsa-let-it-go



26 thoughts on “Winter is done

  1. very sweet winter bike. I can not tell but do you have any guards on your mtb for nothing getting kick into your face or backside? if I have the funds, I would get a gravel or a cross bike with cheap components and ride the bike in the conditions you be riding yours in

    and I rode my road bike today and it was awesome including the headwinds.. as soon as I get a video loaded. i will have a post about it.


    • It doesn’t have mudguards, although I am thinking of getting some. They would have to have high clearance from the wheel though-the kind that curve around the wheel would get clogged up from the snow.

      Getting another bike is always a good idea…I will probably add something like that to the stable before too long!

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  2. That’s flying!! I’ve never sustained speeds like that, even with a tailwind. Jealous at this point of any ride. What a great way to end, or begin, the seasons.


    • It was unbelievable! On a normal day, I can sprint up to 30 mph if I give it my all but I can only keep it there for a few breaths. It was a very empowering wind 😉

      I hope your next bike ride is soon and tailwind-assisted! C’mon leg, heal fast!

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      • I like the wind doping. I get to ride with two gods on the coast. In the morning I have Boreos the god of north wind. In the afternoon the god Notos takes over and gives me the south wind for the ride home.


      • Some people say, “ride like the wind”. I say, to ride like the wind, ride with the wind! I envy your coastal location, it must be wonderful to ride near the ocean, the smell of salt water is something I look forward to every time I am near the sea.


  3. You should think about racing. I don’t know of even the fastest women racers where I live who can get to 30 mph, even for a little bit. That’s amazing. You should think about it. Seriously. That is crazy fast. It’s supposed to snow up to 8 inches here tomorrow night. I can’t wait to CX country ski. Yea!


    • Oh my that is exciting! The first nice snowfall of the season is always so beautiful!

      Although I do like to see how fast I can go on my bike, it is always for only a few seconds, usually to add some spice to my homeward commutes. I am pretty slow on my bike overall, especially on hills. But I would like to participate in a few organized (non-racing) events next year, it would be fun to meet other cyclists 🙂


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