I made it!

DSC01825When I was biking up to my parent’s house last night, I accomplished one of my goals for the year. I finally reached the 6,000 mile mark.

Sometimes I still forget how much my life has changed from just a few years ago when I was a sedentary couch potato. Back then, I wished I was more active but it seemed so daunting to get out the door to do any kind of physical activity. But I hoped that someday, when I was more disciplined, more determined, more hard-working and more motivated-I would get fit. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but the reward of being healthy and strong would be worth it.


Hitting the 6,000 mile mark wasn’t even the most exciting part of the day…

Fast forward to now. I have learned something about exercise. It’s fun.

I didn’t bike 6,000 miles this year to get in better shape or to meet a goal or so I could live without a car (even though biking 6,000 miles helped me to do all of those things).

I have biked 6,000 miles this year because locking my feet into the pedals with a satisfying click means the start of an adventure.

I bike because it’s fun. Completely, fantastically fun.

44 thoughts on “I made it!

      • I live in the foothills…yeah we have a bit of snow, glorified frost really, but it is enough to get me excited!

        Good for you! I am glad to hear you will be continuing to bike through the winter. Personally I know that I wouldn’t be able to hack the boredom of biking indoors…if there is snow outside I wanna play in it!


  1. Proud of you girl! 6k is an amazing deal. You’ve captured the essence of BEING a cyclist. The numbers are just part of life and are not why we ride at all. We ride because it’s just what we do/are.


      • Unfortunately, I’ll not be seeing that number this year…. for obvious reasons. I’m at about 5500 this year. I did 6500 last year, which was a new record for me. 6000 in 2013 and 5500 in 2012, do the numbers have been going up. I may have maxed last year because of the new job.


      • Yeah, I can see how your unpredictable work schedule would make it hard to get the miles in. Thank goodness that at the end of the day, it is not about the numbers-it’s about enjoying the ride when we can hit the road…my prayers are with you Dan, I hope you can get back on your bike soon 🙂

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    • Haha! I am sorry you had to drink all that coffee, that stuff is nasty!

      Oh wait…I guess some people actually like coffee, don’t they? It’s a strange world!

      Let it Snow is one of the greatest songs ever written. Unfortunately, I usually only sing it while I am biking…for some reason it is only socially acceptable to sing about snow during the week of Christmas. I really don’t understand, if people dislike snow so much why don’t they move south?


  2. Wow! I’ve just converted that to kilometres – 9656! That’s impressive and incidental to having fun – how cool is that! Congratulations on such a sweeping change to your lifestyle Bri. It’s inspiring!


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