I am in Maine!

My family and I drove up to Maine yesterday for our cousin’ s wedding. It always great fun to see our extended family and when it is for a wonderful occasion like a wedding-well that makes it even better.

There is even a slight chance that we will go to the ocean today! I adore the ocean but I have only been to visit it a handful of times.

7 thoughts on “I am in Maine!

      • I was up in Blue Hill. It’s a beautiful area but brutal to ride, fast roads and little shoulder. But you did have a perfect weekend to be in Maine. Glad you enjoyed it!


  1. I’ll be right up with two bikes..um..errr…three bikes. Nothing like a bike ride in Maine. Be there by 10pm. No need for directions. I can sense a biker-withdrawal from a thousand miles.


    • I thousand miles!?! That is quite the radar you have there! Isn’t it exhausting to sense biker-withdrawal all the time?

      I just got back to New York, so I will be back on my bike in an hour or so, which is good because my legs are starting to aimlessly spin in circles.


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