Are fat puppies the cutest?

DSC01585My brother is dogsitting but he had other commitments this morning so he asked me to fill in for him. He really had to twist my arm but eventually I resigned myself to the hardship of spending my morning with two pudgy puppies. I began the day by biking five miles to the puppies’ house.

This frantically lively pair of Golden Retriever puppies are currently on the brink. They are not so overly fat that they waddle, but they are pudgy enough that their gait is not a walk. They are borderline, they wakle.

Of course, one look and I am a goner. The pair are massively adorable but also sweet, friendly and super curious, exactly how puppies are meant to be. We spent a great deal of time playing outdoors, they chased me around until they were too tired to wakle any more. Then they sat on my lap and gave me lots of puppy kisses.




Just chilling out in my awesome chair.


We are puppies, we chew on shoelaces!


We are puppies, we chew on camera cords!!


We are puppies, we chew on hoodies!!!


We are puppies, we chew on sticks!!!!


We are puppies, we chew on leaves!!!!!


Haha! Still chewing on your shoelaces!!!!!!


I can run so fast!


Me too! (I am trying at least, gimme a break)


I am a puppy who contemplates the meaning of life.


Enough with the pictures! GO AWAY!

After taking care of the vivacious little pair, I took the long way home to enjoy the sun that was just coming out from behind the clouds. You could call it a good morning.