Getting Pranked By My Bike


A sure sign of spring, the sheep are escaping out of their pens at Fence Fail Farm


Ahh….good ‘ole April Fool’s Day. I am not much of a prankster but this is the one day of the year that I try my hand at tricking people. The apex of my achievements in pranksterdom was when I made homemade bagels for my family. Special cheddar cheese and chive bagels. They looked rather yummy, if I do say so myself, but I had secretly poured so much salt into the dough that they were entirely inedible.

At work, I also try to come up with a few harmless and creative pranks each April Fool’s Day. I have been lucky so far, each year my work schedule has allowed me to set up the pranks on March 31st, but actually be off work on the 1st. For three years I have been pranking my coworkers without ever being pranked myself.

This year, however, the tables had turned. I went into work this morning knowing that I was about to receive payback for my devious deeds. Sure enough, my coworkers had sneakily sealed up some of the squeeze bottles, replaced a few of the raw eggs with hard-boiled ones and put objects in the commercial toaster so that when I turned it on, the objects came clanging merrily out. It kept me awake this morning!

But I must say, my bike pulled the most absurd prank of all.

I bought a new computer for my bike (the old one kept glitching) and last night, I assembled it all together and got everything properly configured.

This morning as I started biking through town in the light, warm rain, I noticed that the speedometer was showing double the speed I usually travel at. I was going 30 mph through town, just like a car! By the time I got to work my max speed during the ride was 64 mph and according to the display, I had gone 20 miles. Oh dear. I decided that I must have put in the wrong tire size when I was setting the computer up the night before…

It wasn’t until an hour before my shift would end that my brain finally woke up and I realized that I had forgotten to do something very important when I took the old computer off. I felt extremely silly but after making a small adjustment to my front wheel, the computer worked just fine for the ride home.


If it takes you less than nine hours to figure out what is wrong with this wheel, you are heaps smarter than me 😀