Hello September!


I made an agreement with my neighbors this year-I can pick their apples if I make them apples pies!

The month of August turned out pretty awesome, even if it was too hot some days for my liking. I got in more miles than I thought I would, 675 to be exact, bringing my total for this year up to 4,330. It would be super cool to be up to 6,000 miles by the end of the year, and unless something weird happens, I know I can make that goal.

Last night after work, I met up with three other cyclists and we took an 11 mile ride together. One of the guys was new to the group and he brought a mountain bike (first time I have seen disc brakes in real life). In the course of the ride, he mentioned to me that he is thinking of getting a road bike since he only rides on the road anyway.

I recounted to him my road bike “conversion story” and told him he needs to get one! At the end of the ride, I told him that if he could keep up with us now on a mountain bike he would be cruising by us when he got his new road bike!

I figured it was my duty as a responsible cyclist to encourage a fellow cyclist to add more bikes to his stable.

Even though the ride with the group was shorter than I would have liked it was lots of fun. We were stopped by a herd of cows crossing the road, (It made me think of your experience last week, Brian! And no, none of us mooed at the cows, Dan!) found cupcakes on the road and dared each other to eat them and waved at everyone out walking.

I had a revelation while we were out on the road together. This is gonna sound really creepy but I have to say it anyway. Until I started biking with this group a few weeks ago, I had never really observed a cyclist in action up close and oh my goodness, everyone’s legs look so powerful and muscular while pounding those pedals! It is insane!

After splitting from the group, I rode back home. I think I must tense up more in a group then I do riding solo, because each time I get back from riding with them, my shoulders and hands feel really strained. When I ride alone, I listen to my body more and remind myself to relax my hands and upper body but with a group I forget to do that. Plus, I feel more tension when riding with other people-not a bad kind of tension, I just am constantly making sure I am where I need to be in relation to the other bikes. I need to ride with people more so that I know how to stay aware but also relaxed.

Hopefully, our little group will keep meeting up through the next month as least, I know some of them aren’t as keen at riding in cooler temperatures. But I must admit, as fun as summer has been, I am ready for fall!