That Week Flew By!


Oh my, is it really Monday already?

Here are a few things that happened during the past week…

Moving Back Home
With the help of my family I moved out of the apartment and back to my parent’s house. I am staying here until my brother and I leave to bike to Colorado on May 18th.

A New Commute
With the move, my commute increased by four miles each way, bringing the round-trip total up to 28 miles. The extra four miles are all downhill which is great since I only need to wake up a few minutes earlier to get to work on time. It has been exciting to try out a new commuting distance. Of course, I could have always extended my route if I really wanted to but for some reason I never got around to it.

Testing Out a New Tent
My brother and I set up our new tents (Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1’s) for the first time on Saturday. I was stunned with how fast and intuitive the setup is-if I don’t mess something up royally on the first try, you know it’s gotta be easy! I tried it out overnight, testing out my new sleeping pad and bag in the process. So far, so good!



Unearthing Historic Bike Computers
I poked around in my dad’s old bike stuff and discovered several interesting gadgets, among them a Cateye computer (still in the box), which caught my eye since I use a Cateye on my bike. This one was a bit different though-solar power, baby!



Hyperactive Gear Purchasing
I have been a touring equipment buying maniac and the majority of the stuff that Noah and I need for our trip is either here or on the way. My spending spree has been so epic that the bank called to make sure that my account hadn’t been hacked into.

Riding a Dream Bike
On Saturday, I visited a brand new bike shop that opened in the town where I work. When I walked in I mentioned how cool it was that they had a fat bike outside. I was instantly offered a test ride. Do you know how long I have been waiting to try out a fat bike? It feels like decades! So I rode that sucker around the block with a stupid grin on my face. It is not a question of if I will own a fat bike, but a question of when.



Getting Pre-Trip Jitters
I have been thinking about this tour since last October and talking about it to friends and family since December, but now that I have moved out of my apartment and I am testing out all the new gear, everything finally seems real and a swarm of butterflies have made my stomach their new home. Today at work the new schedule was hung up and my name isn’t there anymore, what a bizarre feeling. My emotions are all over the place. I am so excited! But also so nervous!

I have a sneaking suspicion that I won’t be able to calm down until my brother and I actually head toward Colorado…maybe we should leave tomorrow.

Guess what came in the mail today?


One of my brothers has been living out in Colorado for the past few years and although my sister and parents have gone out to see him, I haven’t had the chance to visit him yet. But this summer my brother Noah and I have decided that it is high time to get a move on it and go to the great state of Colorado to visit our brother. Since it is scientific fact that cycling is the best method of transportation, we are making preparations to bike out west. (You can’t argue against science after all!)

Today our maps came in the mail from the Adventure Cycling Association and I am beside myself with excitement. We are going to ride down to the Erie Canal trail and take it to Buffalo, then hop on the Underground Railroad route and follow it until we reach the Trans America. Then we will stay on the Trans America trail and eventually arrive in Colorado (if we manage to follow the maps properly). Here is a rough sketch of our planned route, starting from where we reach the Erie Canal.

We are expecting to leave at the tail end of May, so there is a lot of planning to do and much gear to buy. Is this actually happing? I think this is actually happing!