I fail at pushups.

So I have decent leg/lower body strength because I bike and walk everywhere.

My upper body and core are a completely different story however. I just got on the floor and tried to do as many pushups as I could without collapsing. That number is extremely embarrassing. It might be less than ten. Like a lot less. I can do four pushups! In a row! Yay! (But for years of my life I couldn’t do any so that “yay” is less sarcastic then it seems.)

It is time for change. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays I am gonna start some serious, hardcore upper body training. (I’m kidding, it won’t be serious or hardcore.)

When starting out a fitness program, it is generally advisable to set goals, right? Ha. Bri doesn’t set fitness goals. Bri used to, but Bri doesn’t anymore. It is a long story.

I am just going to something to build my upper body strength 3 times a week. That is extent of my training plan. We will see how this goes. Expect an update every Tuesday.

Two more things….

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get the cute little puppy off my lap so I can actually do something productive with my day? She is so cuddly and warm and I just want to hold her forever. When I put her down to walk around my apartment she follows me around with this look and I keep falling for it.

Does anyone have any good bicycling books that they recommend? I’ll read anything…someone’s story of an epic bike trip, racing, on how not to fall on your face while biking, maintaining your bike, using bikes in warfare, etc.

Good For The Soul

Today was just one of thoseĀ  days that warmed my heart and filled my soul to overflowing with joy.

What warms your soul?

Here is a list of things that make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

-realizing that Thanksgiving is tomorrow
-making pie crusts
-baking pies
-being with my little nephews and niece
-listening to The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe soundtrack
-hanging out with my totally amazing brothers
-snuggling with my puppies
-listening to Rend Collective
-looking at family pictures

And all of them happened today. I am a lucky duck.


The magic starts here.


I love the smell of pumpkin pies, but they aren’t my favorite. But my brothers will gobble them up.


Blueberry crumb pie


Apple pies. I don’t know what is better: making them or eating them.



“The cold never bothered me anyway.”

I think the writers of Let it Go secretly spied on my life and based this line off me. Ever since I was little I have been scaring my poor mother by refusing to wear proper apparel when out in the cold. I never wore coats and barely wore gloves or hats or socks. I embraced the cold. When you are outside, my philosophy was that you should feel like you are outside. The wind should touch your skin, should make your cheeks burn.

It really is amazing how our perspection distorts reality. By telling myself that I was warm, I really would feel warm. When others around me would be huddling together for warmth, I would stand up straight and refuse to shiver. I would tell people, “I feel the cold but I don’t let it inside me.”

That fateful day when I was sixteen. My sister and I went for a walk in close to zero degree weather. A stiff winter breeze was blowing but of course I decided against a hat. As we walked I felt the cold hit my ear in a way I had never felt before. But I didn’t fear the cold, so I walked on never mentioning the pain to my sister.

We returned home and instantly when I got inside I could tell something was wrong. My ear throbbed and started to swell. Before long it was thick, fire red and velvety to the touch. Yay for frostbite! Everyone found it funny that Bri, who never got cold, could get frostbitten.

Sadly, I did not learn my lesson. Last year some friends and I were making homemade ice cream up at my parent’s house. Someone dared me to see how long I could stick my hand in the mixture of water, ice and rock salt. So I stuck my hand in. And left it in for almost two minutes. This was A Bad Idea.

When I took my hand out I noticed my fingers were white and felt waxy. So I slipped into the bathroom and plunged my hand into cool water. Pain shot up my arm and I felt nauseous and feverish. For the next half hour I writhed in agony as my hand unthawed. For the next week my fingers felt like they had been severely burned.

Yes, the pain the bad. But that was not what bothered me. What scared me was that it was easy for me to hold my hand in that rock salt water. I could have easily kept it in for a longer period of time. That’s when it hit me.

I could probably freeze to death without it ever bothering me.

I still love the cold. I delight in that crisp feeling in the air. I didn’t close the windows in my apartment until the temperature dropped below freezing. I will never wear a proper winter coat. The cold continues to be my friend.

But I now realize it is a friend with dangerous powers.