Getting Ready for Winter-New Bike Day


Last winter I was so focused on my needs as a winter biker that I neglected the needs of my winter bike almost entirely. The lack of care resulted in my little pink Diamondback’s demise. It was clear that restoring my bike to a useable condition would take more money than it was worth. I needed a new (to me at least) mountain bike to stick studded tires on.

Today my dad and I dropped off my brother and sister at the Syracuse airport. Then we went bike shopping and found this little guy. He is a 2007 Gary Fisher Marlin and as soon as I went around the parking lot, I knew that this was my new winter bike. It just felt right. So I brought him home.

My dad left him on the doorstep and left me in a quandary. Should I put him in the shed or carry him into my apartment? I have been carting my Trek up and down the stairs from the first day I got her. (Incidentally, that is the main reason my fitness has improved over the summer. It’s not the actual biking, although that helps.)

Did my new mountain bike deserve the same treatment as a road bike?

I guess not, because I started to wheel him into the shed. But I couldn’t do it. Instead, I picked him up and carried him up the stairs. He is talking to my Trek right now.

Soon it will be time for a proper test ride.