When I need a hero…

Sometimes proper brainthinking eludes me. Take today, for instance.

I forgot to double-check to insure I was bringing everything home that I carried into work that morning. Of course, since I forgot to double-check I forgot to check at all. My poor little wallet got left behind in my haste.


My wallet returns safely.

My wallet is pretty important since it contains my keys, cell phone and cash. I didn’t realize it was missing until I reached my house. Thank goodness I keep a spare key (hidden where you will never, ever find it).

But I needed to call work and let them know that I left my wallet in the ladies bathroom and also give my family a heads up that I wouldn’t have my phone until tomorrow, so I biked up to my church to use the phone. When I called I found out a hero was already on the way. Ten minutes later my wallet and I were reunited.

My coworkers rock.

Sometimes when you live car-free you need a little help. I am so thankful for my family, friends and coworkers who are always ready to step in when I need them!

Thank you!


I started this blog in November, a girl who had a tentative plan to see if living car-free was possible during a Northern New York winter. I had no idea of the fun and excitement that was just around the corner. Now winter is (basically) over and I made it. I made it through all the snow and cold and ice and wind. But I didn’t do it on my own, not by a long shot.

A huge thank you to the following for making my first winter biking experience successful, safe and enjoyable.

Although I rode through the winter without human company, I was never alone. In my most fearful moments and in the incredible times of joy in the snow, God was there. He protected me and I could feel His love wrapping around me in stronger way than I have ever felt before. When I was delighted by the glory of the winter, I could feel His joy intertwining with mine.

My Dad.
He wasn’t 100% on board in the beginning, but that didn’t stop him from helping me out. Whenever I needed assistance or advice he was always happy to jump in. He also became a top winter biking apologist; I am pretty sure he is more skilled at convincing people that biking through the winter is awesome and safe than I am!

My friends, family and coworkers.
Almost all of them were reluctant about my crazy plan at first, but that didn’t stop them from offering me rides if I ever needed them. They also prayed for my safety, which gave me a boost of much-needed courage especially during the first few snowstorms.

To everyone who followed my trek through the winter, reading and “liking” my posts, thank you! So many of you also took the time to comment with helpful advice, encouragement or anecdotes of your own. I don’t think you have any idea how awesome you are so I am going to tell you – you guys are really, super, crazy, out-of-this-world awesome! Your blogs have inspired and challenged me, reading them is a wonderful part of my day.

My bike.
Through the freezing rain, the sleet, the snow, the ice and the wind this little mountain bike persevered while I splayed out awkwardly over her frame. Even when I shoved her in cold sheds or left her out in the snow she remained my trusty, rusty companion. Sure, she complained in the cold and even once let me down, but it was her first winter too.

My studded tires.
You two rock! Thanks for never letting me down.

Snowplow dudes.
I don’t know why they seemed so scary at first, I think of them now as helpful friends. They were always cautious, professional and friendly and I am very thankful that they kept the roads in my community passable.

Random concerned strangers.
There were so many people who stopped to check if I was okay/ask if I needed a ride this winter, even though I was a complete stranger. Several times they pulled over in rather risky conditions, which was pretty heroic of them.

The drivers on the roads were overwhelmingly cautious and considerate around me throughout the winter. They refused to crash into me which was kind of them.

I couldn’t have biked through the winter if there was no winter, right? Aside from winter’s joke of dropping the first subzero temperature on me in the form of -17, the weather was fairly decent in giving me time to adjust and buy more gear when I had chinks in my armor.

I am going to end this post with the song that became my winter biking anthem.