My dogs are going places!

I love living without a car. But my car free life doesn’t come without challenges, probably the single most annoying thing is that if I need to transport my dogs anywhere I have to depend on someone with a car to help me out.

But now everything has changed. Guess what came in the mail last week?


A little bike trailer.

My dogs have got themselves a brand new ride and so far they seem to love it. They are excited to hop in when I tell them to and once we are out on the road they are very calm and either look out the side or lie down. But as soon as we stop, they want to get out right away, whining and acting like they are going to die if I don’t help them out immediately. Then they act like they haven’t seen me for decades.


What do you think of your new ride, Shammah?

The trailer weighs twenty-two pounds by itself and Panzy and Shammah weigh a total of thirty pounds, if I bring along a few more items I am easily pulling an extra sixty pounds. But I was surprised at how easy it is to maneuver the little beast and on flat stretches and going downhill it feels great. Pulling the thing uphill though? I can feel each and every one of the those sixty pounds, which is why the granny gear was invented I suppose. It is like weight training for my legs.

Pulling my dogs is only one function of my trailer’s new life in Northern New York. Yesterday I stuffed it full of helium balloons to bring to my church. Biking with helium balloons is an exciting but weird experience, I could barely keep the bike tires from floating off the pavement. I can say one thing, it sure made pedaling easier! (Maybe the effect was all in my head though, since I was only carting around six balloons.)

Welcome to the family, little trailer, I hope you are ready to work hard!