Mongolian Madness 2018

My friend and cycling buddy Bekah wrote a wonderful post about our Mongolian bike tour on her blog and I simply had to share it here!

NoBody Knows Her Bounds

It all started with a casual text back in September.

“Hey Briana! What new adventures are you planning these days??” I asked. Or something like that.

A few short texts later, and we were talking an international biking trip. And we were serious about it from the start. Our intended destination changed a few times: first the Andes, then Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan—I can’t remember which—until we realized that country would have too much snow during the April/May dates we were looking at for our trip; even Nepal got a mention thrown in there somewhere; until finally we settled on Mongolia by the end of October.

6-some months later, 8 1/2 after that first text exchange, we were eating a delicious dinner at Namaste (a fantastic Indian restaurant in UB that I highly recommend visiting if you ever find yourself with an evening to spend in Mongolia’s capital), celebrating the completion…

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2 thoughts on “Mongolian Madness 2018

  1. Sounds as though your friend is now afflicted with ”the bug.” Although she seems to deny it for now, I suspect she’ll be anticipating her next adventure soon. Kudos to you for sharing your travels with a newbie.


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