Little Snippets of Fall

Fall has been wonderful. Here are a few pictures from my bicycle adventures this season.


Looking down on the Black River Valley in the fading daylight.


Seeing the stately green forests suddenly splashed with frantic color fills me with wonder. It feels like a whole new world.


Lately I have been rebelliously riding my road bike where no road bike should be forced to go. I don’t leave the house planning to go off paved roads…but it somehow happens anyway.


My bike and I have also been quietly stalking foxes through fields.

But the best adventure of fall happened a few weeks ago when my mom and I were able to go on a mini, three-day bike tour. We were dropped off in Rome, NY by my dad and then spent the next three days riding along the Erie Canal. It was the first bike tour my mom has been on since she and my dad rode down the Pacific coast, 34 years ago but she was an old pro. We took our time each day to wander 30-40 miles along the canal, chatting the whole way. My mom even braved cold rain on the last day just to ride with me!Ā wp-1477338603674.jpeg

There are a lot of wonderful things in this world but I must say, bike touring with someone you love is right up there at the top of the list! We ended our tour happy, excited and with hopes of possibly riding the entire canal trail (360 miles) together next year.

But in the interest of complete disclosure will end this post with a confession.

Yes, fall has been splendid. But I am getting downright antsy. I don’t even think it is my fault. Not at all.

It is the fault of everyone constantly speculating about how we are going to have an early winter, a cold winter, a really snowy winter.
It is the fault of the mornings that fill my lungs with stunningly, bracing cold air.
It is the fault of the trees for beginning to lose their leaves. The barrenness is begging to filled with something.

November is almost here…why can’t there be snow?

49 thoughts on “Little Snippets of Fall

  1. You and your love of winter! The biggest thing I’m jealous of on THIS post is your picture of the fox. I’ve seen many of them, hear them all the time around our place, but I’ve never managed to get a picture of one!

    I’ve missed your adventures! Glad you’re still around. Great post.


    • I know! I see so many wild animals but they never stick around for a camera to be stuck in their face! But I snuck up on this guy and he didn’t even know I was there, after he found out he ran a safe distance away and then sat and stared at me…such a cutie šŸ™‚

      I think I am back for good now, I have been missing everyone here but it was tough to make the move to jump back in after being absent for so long. Now I have to go find out what you have been up to!

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  2. I’d like you to have snow soon…but since we are not too far apart geographically, I can’t really root for it. Sorry. Glad to see you’re still biking.
    As for biking on a road bike on those rough roads…you’re brave….and you’re ready for cycle cross.


  3. I spent some time in Rome and their library using their computers, back in June. Nice town. I received my certificate for being an End-To-Ender of the Erie Canal. Great post here. Hope all is well…and swell.


      • I like Lockport, but I met some great bikers in Ft. Plain camping out at that lock. I biked along with a boat through many locks named Sea Trek. I have a Trek, so that was fun. Never met the people, but we’d wave from a distance each time we saw each other. Fun


    • No worries, I would never wish snow on any locale other than my own, I am selfish like that! It has been a bit hard coming back but I feel like I finally have my head on straight again. My normal life is going through a major change right now and I think that is helping me to be more present and not so wistful about far off mountains šŸ˜‰

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  4. Hi Bri! It was really good to see your post appear. I’ve been wondering how your world is. And it seems like you’ve been enjoying some very pleasant riding. Your tour with your Mum sounds quite special. Settling in some way I’m guessing. And as for the upcoming winter… may the snow fall and may you ride with delight through it šŸ˜€


  5. Phew… i was thinking you got a car. Loved the Little Falls pictures. The people are great in there, the mayor even stops by to say hello on the FANY ride., Sam, the bar tender at the Elks club is pretty awesome too, and their roast beef dinner is great.

    I don’t know if you could tell, but we all missed you.

    I am all ready thinking about next year, I may do Chicago to Highland again, but this time turn right, and head to Pittsburgh, ride the GAP and C@O canal, and turn left at DC and head north.


    • I missed you all too…that is why I had to come back! Did you really think I would buy a car, though? šŸ™‚

      That sounds like a great tour those trail should be awesome, I spend time every day thinking about my next tour, no solid plans yet, but I have lots of ideas.


    • We went from Rome to St. Johnsonville and then back. But Noah and I rode from Lyons to Buffalo on the trail this spring. Did you get lost in Rochester because the trail was super confusing to me in that section!


  6. Did you get your snow yet? Hope you are doing well and staying safe! Your posts are always a blessing.
    We are getting our first snow on Thursday they say. However today was in the high 70’s and tomorrow will be the same but only have a high of 46 on Thursday.


  7. I have a question for you, that is probably pretty basic, but I know that you’ll know the answer. Our wind chills are getting above 0 for the first time in days, so I haven’t been on my bike at all primarily due to not having a facial covering. Do you wear your goggles over your balaclava or right up against your skin with the balaclava wrapped around the goggles? Also, since I’ve have never done downhill skiing (my knees are not that good), what should I look for in a pair of ski goggles to use for riding in winter? Thanks!


  8. Has your brother been cycling to raise money for charity related for world hunger….?

    Just googled “bike like crazy” Cos you hadn’t posted for awhile and I was wondering if I’d missed something… And instead I got a newspaper article about a teenager on a bike called Noah… If it is him did he get back ok from Portland and did he have a Google time ?


  9. Bri: Are you still riding? I basically took the past 2 years off. Getting ready to get back into it. Buying a new mountain bike in the coming days.


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