On our way to Colorado!

Sorry, this isn’t a real post, just a quick update, Noah and I started out yesterday. We weighed our loaded bikes before we left, his is 60 lbs total, mine is 54. That means I win! We traveled 78 miles yesterday and are just about to leave Oswego.

We are like newborn colts trying to figure out everything-setting up and taking down our campsite is currently taking us forever! So hopefully once we get used to the routine I will have more time to blog.

In the mean time, I will update our map which is on the Tour to Colorado page at the top of this blog and you can look up my brother’s instagram as well.

Life is good. And so are bikes.

23 thoughts on “On our way to Colorado!

  1. I’ve been lurking on your blog since I started cycling several months ago. I just wanted to pop in and say safe travels! Looking forward to reading all about it when you get the chance! πŸ™‚


    • Hi Mer! Thanks for saying hello πŸ˜€ I hope you are having the best of times cycling…remember no matter how much fun you are having right now it will get even better! I wish you happy rides and great adventures


  2. Your off!! I sent a email eariler, I should hit Buffalo on tuesday, going east I am getting a little over cooked on one side!


    • Thanks, Doug! Noah and I were talking yesterday morning how long ago the beginning of our trip already feels…even though it was only 48 hours later, it felt like we had been having adventures for days and days.


  3. So, so cool! Perhaps take a day off once per week. Sundays work well and then find a church to attend. Much of touring is the people you encounter. I was going to say “meet” but it’s much larger than that. If you have a day that’s just no fun, you either ride through it or find a buffet!


    • Good thinking, Dan! We have already met some super cool people. One of them was named Bob. Another one was pulling a BOB. Maybe I will find some time tonight to finish up a post…there is just so much to do everday! It is so much fun though, I love camping!

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  4. Ha, I weighed each of my panniers before I left… 4 x 3kg or so, plus a 1+kg tent, and a litre of water… plus my bike which I think weighs in at 15kg… so yeah, must have been 65lbs in your money (I didn’t have scales to weigh the whole lot, just kitchen scales to see how evenly packed I was).


    • Nice! It really isn’t too bad an amount although it is funny how light the bike feels when you take off the panniers! I was doing some errands after setting up last night, and I felt like I was flying on my weightless bike πŸ˜€


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