All the little things add up…


What even is this day?

My ride this morning began under a clear, black sky that was bursting with twinkling stars. I stared up at the perfect sky as much as I dared (which isn’t much-I have been cautious ever since I punctured one of my tires while trying to combine stargazing and cycling).

Then during the last mile of my commute I noticed one of the greatest things ever…the eastern sky was not completely black, there was just a faint breath of color to silhouette barns, houses and trees. To me, this is a huge and noteworthy event. For around nine months out of the year, I ride to work under a black, night sky but now-now I get to see a bit of sunrise just before arriving at the restaurant. I am ridiculously excited!

The day continued its wonderfulness and I stepped out of work at 3:00pm to a bright sun, clear blue sky, gentle winds and a temperature of sixty degrees. It is one of those days when everything in the world seems delighted to be alive.

As I was crossing a bridge, I was busy humming to myself and watching pudgy little woodchucks scurry around in the new green grass. I felt a spider’s web brush my arms but I was too focused elsewhere to pay much attention. A few minutes later, I glanced at my bike computer only to burst out laughing.

From the tips of my fingers to the crook of my elbows, dozens upon dozens of silky strands connected my arms together. Good thing I am not a fly, or I would not have made it out alive!

I took a few minutes to stop at a park and just listen to all the cheerful little creatures enjoying the sunny day. I spotted a little chipmunk coming out of his hole and when he saw me he froze for a few minutes. Then he decided he was not scared of me anymore and his fear turned into rage. He turned toward me, guarding his home and chirped fiercely until I stepped away.



And now I am home and I have thrown open all my windows. A fresh breeze is blowing through the house and I can hear the birds singing. It is a good day.




27 thoughts on “All the little things add up…

  1. I nearly crash looking up into the trees for bald eagles. Soon there will be snapping turtles on the trail. Nature can be dangerous. Fortunately, we don’t have many fierce chipmunks around here.


  2. I had a ride like that yesterday, by that I mean it was in the 60’s, sunny with not much wind. When you ride the Bay Trail strong wind gusts are just a part of life and a good day means very little wind. The wind can take away all sound making me feel isolated to the beauty around me while I work my butt off to bike into it. Yesterday was not like that.

    I ride with my small digital camera around my neck. What kind of camera do you use? I love your pictures and can’t imagine riding at night although I may try it this summer. It’s hard to get pictures the critters I see are always running and I have to stop first before I can snap a picture.

    I’m also interested in your bike computer. I use MapMyFitness an application on my cell phone to monitor my rides. It would be awesome to have a computer on my 30-year-old touring bike.

    I’m not scared of spiders (I see them all the time) but that was some escape!


    • What a lovely description of riding into the wind, Bekkie! It is hard work for sure but well worth the effort 🙂
      I just bought a new camera maybe 6 weeks ago (I am forever breaking my cameras) this one is a Samsung WB350F, I was able to get it really cheap and so far it really works great…a bit on the bulky side though.
      I use a cateye wireless computer-just a basic model, I think I purchased it for 40 bucks online.

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      • I’m so going to look into a computer for my bike! I just use my cell phone for now and Mapmyride which works great but a computer would be so neat.

        I found a Coolpix digital camera in the garbage at my apartment complex and there was nothing wrong with it so that’s what I’m using. It’s small and compact and I wear it around my neck. That way, I can point and shoot whenever I want. All of my pictures are taken with it and it was dirt cheap. Lol! It is hard not to break cameras while riding I agree.


      • I will have to look into computers for biking right now I use Mapmyride and it works really well but it would be nice not to have to take my phone along. I’m also looking for better options (besides a chest band) to get my heart rate while working out.

        Having a camera on a bike is hard to do! I found a Coolpix compact digital camera in the garbage at my apartment complex and there was nothing wrong with it! It’s what I’m using for all of my pictures.

        I think it’s really cool you bike to work and in the snow! I have to read more on your site but that’s amazing! When I first saw pics of you I thought you were a guy (you had on your goggles and everything) until I went to your site. Lol!

        How long have you been biking to work?

        Have a great Thursday and thanks for following my site. I think your site is great!


      • Wow, that is “cool” that you found a Coolpix camera! That was my last camera but it is dead now 😀

        You aren’t the first person to assume I am a guy, hehe, I should probably update my picture to avoid confusion but I never seem to get around to it…

        I have been biking to work full time for two years now and I can honestly tell you that living without a car is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Thanks for coming to my site as well, Bekkie! Finding online biking buddies is always fun 😀

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      • I agree and so happy to find another woman biker to be friends with! I know, the Coolpix is way cool! Lol!

        I just got done writing a poem with one of my groups. I hope to have my first book out this year.

        Tomorrow’s Friday have a good one!

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