Eeyore Brain


Today has turned out to be a very dreary spring day, complete with dark, foreboding clouds and steady rain. My ride to work was nice however, mostly because I had a friendly tailwind encouraging me for the entire ten miles.

As my workday came to a close I started dreading the journey back home. The more I thought about it, the more reasons I came up with to feel dismal and rather quickly I developed a full-blown case of Eeyore Brain. I had become dramatically pessimistic about everything: the dark day, the cold rain, the energy sucking headwind, my stiff quads…I just felt so tired.

While I was gingerly pulling on my damp cycling clothes, I decided that my ride home was going to be awful and that I would simply have to grin and bear it.

The first few minutes of pedaling down the road fulfilled my prediction of doom. I don’t know why but my quads became very sore while at work today and my legs simply did not want to move once I got on my bike. Combining that with the gloomy weather, the only thing that kept me moving down the road was the force of habit. I settled in for a slow, plodding ride home.

But my little bike had some tricks up its sleeve. It wasn’t long before it started nudging me,

“Hey, this wind isn’t that strong, we can go faster than this.”
“Your legs aren’t stiff as you think they are, you drama queen.”
“Look! Puddles!”

When people tell me it is nasty weather out and that I shouldn’t dare to ride my bike, I usually tell them that, “The weather outside always looks worse from the inside.” It is a statement I have found to be true. No matter how awful a day seems to be, once I am outside, riding my bike, any weather becomes at least somewhat enjoyable.

But today my Eeyore brain refused my acknowledge this truth. Thankfully, my bike was willing to step up the plate and remind me.

From then on I enjoyed the gentle rain and softly blowing wind. The air was filled with the joy of spring. Before I knew it, my bike and I had made it home.

31 thoughts on “Eeyore Brain

  1. This is me all winter here. I sit at my computer desk procrastinating running errands or having to go to class. But every time I get out and enjoy my ride, rain and all. I love that not having a car gives you no choice really. If you have to get somewhere, you just have to do it. Have a great week my friend.

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    • It seems like such a weird thing to say doesn’t it? But it is true-not having a choice and being “forced” to ride a bike is always worth it, because somehow, it always ends up being fun.

      I hope you have a wonderful week as well! Hugs 😀


  2. I can handle riding in the rain though I won’t start out in it. Of course, things would be very different if my bike were my only mode of transportation. When you get those heavy leg days, start out in an easy gear and spin at a high cadence. It’ll loosen them up in a hurry.


  3. Usually when it’s dark, I think, bring it on. The only thing I fear is if it’s a thunderstorm … otherwise, if it’s going to rain, it will … been through windy rainy commutes … and just the thought of how tingly my legs feel by the time I get to the destination, is enough motivation for me.

    Just think … when I drive, I feel more sluggish and tired than if I rode in.


  4. Sometimes it can be a big hurdle, actually, getting out there on the bike, but invariably, once I get those pedals moving, I enjoy every moment of it. As I say, “Rain ain’t pain!”. You heard it here first, cheers.


  5. “Look! Puddles!” – to me they usually mean wet feet, but I’m happy you like them!

    And yes, the weather often looks to many like it’s worse than it is… “there’s only the wrong clothing” I like to say, rather than look for an excuse not to venture outside. Getting out there, as others have said, it often the greatest hurdle.


    • Haha, look at you speeding downhill like an epic warrior!

      31 days until the big trip, huh? You must be so excited to get out there! Trip planning is going pretty well around here, some days I feel like I have it under control and all the details are coming together…and then other days I am like, “Ah! This is such a big trip. I can’t handle this!!’


  6. Oh man, I’ve definitely had those days! I spend an hour dreading the ride because it’s cold or wet or I’m just tired…but then you get out there and it turns out to be awesome! (Sometimes it takes a little warm-up to start feeling good though). And rain is hardly ever as bad as you think it’s going to be.


    • Exactly, the pre-ride dreading is always worse than the actual ride…you would think that after awhile we would just remember that and not be intimidated by the weather and/or being tired, but no-it often takes getting on the bike to remind me how good biking feels.

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  7. I’m so envious. It was 85 and sunny in Austin yesterday while I was riding. I have to use suntan lotion when I ride. SPF 50 after spending the winter on Cape Cod and looking albino.


  8. Eeyore is one of my favorite characters, good description! My brain does this to me all of the time especially when the winds are strong. I hear myself calling myself a pussy and other nasty things as I pedal my bike into it as slow as it goes sometimes in first gear. Other bikers pass me (not that fast) and I wonder when I’ll get that strong even though I’ve been riding every other day for months now. Lol!

    Riding every other day isn’t like commuting but I try not to let weather stop me. I’ll go even if it’s raining lightly but I need to get a rain poncho or something because I’ve been in wet clothes too and it’s not fun. I try not to let it dampen my enthusiasm. Lol!

    We know it’s all in the mind, but the outside can effect the inside.


    • You are a tough lady! It would be easy to stay inside on those windy and rainy days and wait for nicer weather-I am glad you make it a habit to get out on your bike anyway 🙂

      I do the same thing, when I am having a rough ride, I always switch to a lower gear and spin gently until I get home. There is one difference though…there aren’t many cyclists around here so I never get passed no matter how slow I am going 😉

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      • You are one tough lady too! Biking in the snow!! Where do you live I haven’t seen that info yet. If there were other bikers around they’d be looking at you biking in the snow like, “Look at that crazy lady, how can she do that?” Lol!

        Biking every other day is important to me I need the exercise! It also affords me (and you) views of things other people don’t see and take for granted. I am glad you came to my site so I could track you to yours. I enjoy reading what others say about it.

        The Bay Trail is terribly full on some days. On the weekends families are all over it and they can be rude. I call out and their kids are all spacey and still walk in front of me. The other day a 12 year old girl walked in front of me and I called out, “Honey watch out I’m going to hit you.” The mother said, “Don’t talk to my kid like that!” I said, “What, calling her honey?” That’s one thing I’m going to write about people’s attitudes. Calling out seems to sound to some people like yelling the idiots! Lol!


      • I live in northern New York, Lake Ontario likes to send us lots of snow!

        I find it so weird that someone would take offense when you are simply trying to make sure their child is out of harm’s way…sometimes it feels a bit lonely riding without any people around, but maybe it is more of a blessing than I realized 😀

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      • OMG! I used to live on Lake Michigan and I do know about lake effect snow. You are one brave lady biking in that!

        I get lonely on my rides too sometimes even with other people around. On weekends I don’t look forward to the crowds a lot of people are very rude to bikers I think they resent sharing the Bay Trail.

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