The Ugliest Time of the Year

bike magnet2

A coworker came home after RV-ing in Florida and she bought me this magnet. She told me she saw it and thought of me. My heart melted just a bit. Needless to say, it is already on my refrigerator. I have the best coworkers!

Two more errands done, eight more to go.

Yesterday, after church, I took care of an elderly couple at my friend’s house. Sunday is often my laundry day and my friends kindly offer their washer and dryer for me to use whenever I am over at their house. So I hauled my clothes up to their house using my bike trailer. It is pretty amazing how much stuff can fit in that little green trailer.

bike trailer

Taking my clean laundry back home at dusk.

Then today, after work, I stopped at the bank to deposit my paycheck. It occurred to me while I was riding just how ugly my homeward route is right now.

The land is in that awkward, gangly phase where no one can tell if it is winter or spring and everything is a drab shade of brown. There is no brilliantly white layer of snow left, only dirty, melting piles here and there. And the grass and trees are still waiting to spring to life and fill the fields and woods with lovely colors.

What is it like to bike in a drab world?

Well, today I felt excited.

Maybe it was the flocks of geese flying overhead that cheered me on.
Maybe it was the warm sun smiling on the barren fields.
Maybe it was seeing the tracks of other cyclists in the sand.
Maybe it is knowing that soon there will be green grass everywhere.
Maybe it is because I am one good rain from taking the road bike out.

Maybe it is everything all mixed together!posted

Errand 3
 Washing Laundry
Category: Personal Care
Distance: 3 Miles
How did I ever do laundry before I bought my bike trailer? 

Errand 4
Category: Personal Business
Distance: 5 Miles
 Bank employees are still nice to me even when my pants are caked white patches of dried salt from the road.


Bonus picture: I unknowingly rode with this squashed spider in my tire all winter.

10 thoughts on “The Ugliest Time of the Year

  1. I’m always listening to nature on my bike rides. Especially the birds. Sometimes I stop and listen and it’s amazing how many different animals, birds and trees are singing.


  2. Eeek! Spider! Now I have a sudden need to check my tires, haha!
    Spring is almost here as well. Birds are singing, but now if only the snowing would end! 🙂


  3. February is usually pretty ugly drab and grim here, however if you look carefully you can usually find happiness in a patch of snowdrops. March is usually better as you get explosions of green and yellow, mainly daffodils some primrose and the whole place just starts to look cleaner…


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