Errands to Run



These horses were running away from me, not because I was scary but because they are doing the running version of the Errandonnee this year. They have errands to run!

The Errandonnee has begun!


Yesterday, I ran my first errand-bringing up a jello salad to my church for a funeral dinner that is being held today. Since the salad was in a large bowl, I used my bike trailer to give it a safe and gentle ride.jello salad

My bike likes going to church. While all the cars have to stay out on the parking lot and endure the rain and snow, my bike gets the VIB(Very Important Bicycle) spot. I ride my bike right up to the entrance and lean it against the building where it stays nice and dry no matter the weather at church

Then today I rode back and forth to work. I also rode back and forth to work yesterday, but I couldn’t take any pictures because the shutter on my camera refused to budge. So now I am using my old camera which has an annoying scratch on the lens. I apologize for the weird blur on all the photos, I will work out a solution as soon as I can, or else I will go bonkers from having to deal with the blurriness.

I had a beautiful ride in to work, the sky was bursting with glittery stars and the moon was a stunning orange crescent. The temperature was close to zero and the crisp cold air felt wonderful.

Throughout the day the temperature rose until it reached 26 degrees for the ride home. The sun was out and shining brightly and there was a gentle breeze.

If the weather forecast is to be trusted we are going to have a warm week. Tonight I am going to take the studded tires off my mountain bike and put on a pair of smoother, hybrid-ish tires. My bike and I should be flying tomorrow!ice

Errand 1
Deliver Salad to Church
Category: Non-Store Errand
Distance: 2 Miles
Big bowls of food may not fit in my panniers, but a bike trailer is up to the task.

Errand 2
Category: Work
Distance: 20 Miles
Cold, clear night skies are the best!

12 thoughts on “Errands to Run

  1. I now have three broken cameras. Sometimes they work, sometimes not. That’s what I get for not putting the strap around my wrist when I photograph while riding.


  2. I finally gave up on cameras with a gated lens. I had the same problem twice and I couldn’t fix it. Good on you for doing the Errandonnee. I think your church errand also qualifies under the social call category so keep that in mind if you need to tweak things later. Time for me to write up today’s errands.


    • I had so much fun last year I just had to join in again 😀 And thanks for the category tip, I can’t use the social call category for this errand because I just dropped by while no one else was around, but I will use it when I am at church some other time.

      Now I am off to read your post, I saw it had bunnies in the title so I am rather intrigued 😉


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