The Lowest Temperature Ever Recorded

snow covered railroad tracksLike many (perhaps all?) cyclists I am obsessed with the weather and I scrutinize the forecast at least several times a day. It is how I always begin and often end my day.

This morning was no different. When the alarm started ringing at 3:22, I rolled out of bed and dragged myself over to my laptop to see what type of weather I would be dealing with on my commute.

Sometimes when I check the weather I am thrilled by what I see, other times I am disappointed and occasionally what I see makes me quake in my boots. But this morning was the first time that the weather report made me laugh.

Still half-asleep, I had glanced at the temperature that my local weather station was reporting.


Yikes, that is kinda cold! I decided I should either put on all of the clothes that exist in the world before venturing outside, or refresh the webpage. While I was refreshing the page a few times, the weather station apparently experienced a heat wave and began reporting 16F. Sixteen degrees is downright balmy after that type of cold! So either my town set a record for the lowest temperature ever or there was a slight glitch in the system. Personally, I think we set a record.

After that interesting start to the morning, I had a funny feeling about how the rest of the day would be. But it was a great day. It snowed during my ride to work, great big fluffy flakes-my favorite, and then it was brilliantly sunny on the way home, making the new snow sparkle like diamonds.


15 thoughts on “The Lowest Temperature Ever Recorded

    • No stoicism at work here, I just love winter 😉 Now riding on hot, humid days, that is a different matter altogether…some summer days make me want to curl up in a ball and whine!


      • Good thing you’re not here, my friend. You would be curling and whining “pra caramba.”

        I do want to commend you regarding your great choice on Friday morning, though. You opted to refresh the page instead of putting on all the clothes which exist in the world. Although if the temperature really was that low, I would gladly loan you both boxes of my clothes which are stored in the closet, just because I’m that nice of a sister.

        And congrats to Lowville on the new low-temp record! Guess I should stop complaining and be thankful for the temperatures in my new home. It might be hotter than I like it, but at least it hasn’t been 9999 above 0 yet.


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