Winter came back!

DSC02454After a few weeks of mild, spring-like weather, winter has returned with a vengeance. When I got up this morning, the weather station was reporting -6. I rushed around the house getting everything ready to venture out into the cold.

Reinstall bar mitts.
Mount two headlights on the handlebars.
(They run out of charge quickly in the cold.)
Put on a bunch of clothes.

It was a bit of a hectic start to the day, but once I was out on the road surrounded by the peaceful darkness of early morning, time slowed down again. It was a great ride and I stayed warm the whole way, even bordering on too warm.

On the way home, I was trying to hurry and get home at a decent time, but a strong wind prevented me from going at a fast pace. It was frustrating but once I gave up the idea that I was in a rush, the ride became much more enjoyable.

I even listened to my bike when it told me to use a trail. My bike has the best ideas. The trail was great fun to ride, filled with bumpy ice patches and crunchy snow.DSC02459

At the end of the trail, a miniature pinscher charged me, barking furiously, as if I was an alien sent to earth for the sole purpose of abducting his human. Thankfully, his owner was able to convince him that I was not a threat, and my bike and I made it safely back home…

…to our spaceship.

18 thoughts on “Winter came back!

  1. I heard the temps were way down … with a high of 0 .. and I thought of you, thinking you are gleefully out riding your bike in sub-zero temps … and I was right. Don’t ever change, Bri


  2. Thank you, you inspire me! It’s been pretty cold here in PA too, though not quite as cold as you (single digits but windy), and today is supposed to be the coldest of all. I am going to a friends party tonight and I have been going back and forth for days about riding there… He has this winter weekend shindig every year and it’s tradition for me to ride there, spend the night, and ride back in the morning. It’s about 10 miles, up and over a mountain, so it’s a pretty difficult 10 miles, but it’s mostly all on gravel back roads and it’s just awesome. After looking at the weather I really considered bailing on the ride idea and just driving… But yesterday I convinced myself that I needed to ride. I have plenty of warm clothing. It’ll be fine. Reading this story this morning reinforced that decision! 🙂


    • Oh my goodness! You are making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! It makes me smile to hear that my story gave you a nudge…I hope you have an absolutely fantastic ride and party 🙂 Sounds like the perfect route to bike on and going over a mountain, let’s face it, is very epic indeed.


  3. …to your spaceship…. You are such a goober! Love it. I feel so at home when I read your style. And Helen is right; you inspire us Bri! That’s not just your cycling, but with your testimony as well.


    • Thanks Doug! Sometimes I forget that winter could be almost over…we have to enjoy it while it is still here! But then again who knows what kind of weather March will bring 😉


  4. Did you tell Jeremiah that your department is now a spaceship? He should definitely know. The downside is that spaceship is probably easier to say. And I have been showing some of your lovely landscape and “weather” pictures to friends who would like to meet winter someday. Good for them to have a glimpse of both the beauty and cold they are in for!


    • Haha! I wonder how he will take to that news! Probably with a, “Oh…does your spaceship fly?” Yes, yes it does.

      It makes me happy that you have been showing your friends snow pictures, it would be cool if they could “meet” winter one day!


  5. Take me to your leader!!! You should have just flashed the light at the pincher. That would have erased his know what light i’m talking about.


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