The Snow and The Missing Dog

We are only two days into 2016 and already it has managed to be an adventure!

winter stormA good amount of snow fell yesterday so I had the chance to do one of my favorite things-bike through a silent, snow covered woods. The new year couldn’t have started out much better than that.

I am typically a very cautious bike handler-I avoid anything that puts me in danger of falling like the plague.

But when I am alone in the woods, sheltered by the trees, I feel bold enough to go beyond my normal comfort zone. It must be the thick layer of snow, making the ground seem closer and softer in case of a crash. Every time I get a chance to ride in a snowy forest, I leave with a better understanding of how to handle my bike.

That is not why I bike in the woods though. I bike in the woods because it is a blast!winter berries

We got even more snow overnight, I saw lots of snowplows on my commute this morning. When my shift was over, the coworker who was taking over for me mentioned that her red lab, Brady, had gone missing that morning. She asked me to keep an eye out for him on my way home.

As a fellow dog lover, my heart sank. There is nothing worse than not knowing where your dog might have run off to.

But I had a hunch.

If I were a dog, exploring the world by myself for the day, I would head over to visit the free-spirited, bold animals that reside on Fence Fail Farm. Who knows? They might even share a few valuable tips from their years of experience as escape artists to a fellow escapee.biking by the stream

I didn’t have a lot of faith in my theory, because my coworker lives a mile or two away from Fence Fail Farm, but as I pedaled slowly past the farm, I carefully scrutinized each dog on the property. The two border collies, a beagle, a non-descript hound…

…and a red Labrador.

I chuckled and called my coworker. Then I tried to coax Brady over, but he was clearly enjoying his newfound freedom and was not interested in leaving his new friends. Even bribing him with my emergency stash of energy bars didn’t work. He gobbled one chunk of Clif bar that I tossed his way but he didn’t seem too enthused about the taste. Maybe peanut butter flavored bars would have been more alluring!

My coworker’s husband soon came in his truck to pick up the wayward canine and once the pair were reunited, I went on my way.

Biking commuting has so many benefits, but I never expected finding a lost dog to be one of them.

17 thoughts on “The Snow and The Missing Dog

  1. Great detective work! You’re the human equivalent of Lassie 😉

    We’re having completely unseasonal weather here in the UK – it’s very warm – so I don’t think we’ll get any snow this winter, which is so disappointing for me. I love the way it makes everything look so clean when it’s fresh and the world seems like a more peaceful place.


  2. I am completely with you on the cautious bike handling, especially in the snow. I keep meaning to ride more on the snow covered shoulder instead of the clear driving lane just for the practice, but my fear of falling gets the best of me more often than not, and I choose the safer path. It’s a loooong way down and I don’t bounce.


    • Haha, I understand! The struggle to choose where to ride on the road is never ending. Snow is so much fun to ride in, but if I feel tired or am in a bit of a hurry I take the plowed lane. But I usually switch back and forth and least a few times each ride…I always have a hard time sticking with my decision 🙂


  3. Your adventures on the bike are so much more interesting than mine. That’s cool that you were able to reunite the dog, and owner … that’s not something I would find on my commutes .


  4. So fantastic that you found him! Very clever detective work. Your co-worker must have been so relieved!
    To the biking in the snow and forest, are you using a bike with fat tires? I’m becoming intrigued with the idea of a fat bike to help get through the winter.


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