Ten things that make my commute awesome.

Note: Not all of these pictures were taken today.


The distance. Ten miles to work is perfect for me.


Wide shoulders


A forest trail that is great for escaping the road for a bit.


The many animals I see, both wild and domestic.


This pond is beautiful andΒ constantly changing with the seasons.


The wind sock which gives me a visual of what the wind is actually up to.


The giant white dog that chases me.


Biking down this hill.


Fence Fail Farm. This place is a constant source of entertainment.


The port-a-potty business that decorates with seasonal characters.

24 thoughts on “Ten things that make my commute awesome.

    • Riding up the hill is admittedly not as fun as flying down, but I have climbed it so many times I don’t really think about it anymore…and it is a great hill to get myself warmed up on the cold winter mornings πŸ˜‰


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