What would Mary ride?

Tonight, my big sis and I played the role of Mary in a community nativity. It was a lot of fun, but I must admit, it has been a long day. And for part of that day I was wearing a baby belly and walking around on tiny sandals. My back is not very happy right now. (To all the moms out there I have new respect for you!)

After getting home from work I only had a bit of time to take care of my dogs, shower and scurry back out the door. As I was pulling out of my yard, something on my bike just didn’t feel right.


I do love my studded tires, but one pair is enough in this house!


A flat tire? Really? Now of all times?

Of course, I don’t have spare tubes to fit the huge tires of my MTB (sheepish grin) so I had to repair the flat as fast as I could (new record-13 minutes). It might not have been the best quality job but as of now the tire is still at full pressure.

I made it up to where the nativity was being held, without being much later than the other cast members. The animals were brought in and I wondered…

…if Mary had a choice would she have rode a donkey or a bike to Bethlehem?



After all, the account in Luke never mentions the mode of transportation, it just states that Joseph and Mary “went up” from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

If I were in Mary’s shoes, I might pick the donkey, I don’t think they get flats.


13 thoughts on “What would Mary ride?

  1. That’s a good look’n nail. No fussing with tubs of water looking for bubbles to find that leak. 13 minutes! Nice work. I think Mary can do what Mary wants. Probably get beamed to Bethlehem if she so chose.


    • I try to keep flats exciting (is it legal to use the words “flat” and “exciting” together?) by timing how long it takes me and seeing if I can beat my record…sadly I have had a lot of practice this year!

      Wow, if Mary could choose to use teleportation to travel, I am sure she never would have even given a donkey or a bike a second glance!


      • They did leave Bethlehem quickly with Herod after them so my guess is that they scrambled out of town on a couple of down hill racing bikes…


      • They probably did! Herod’s soldiers, even on horse back, would have been no match for a couple of speedy racing bikes. (One problem with your theory is the road conditions, I am thinking those ancient roads would be rough to navigate on skinny tires!)


      • Down hill racing bikes-like an MTB with fat tyres etc-ideal for the terrain & speed to evade the soldiers…


      • Actually, I had an exciting time on the Erie Canal changing a couple flats. People stop to talk, ask if they can help, ask questions etc. And sometimes the leak is not so obvious, so, it takes detective work to find it.


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