Turkey Time

I plan on eating a lot of food today, so I woke up early at my parent’s house to get a ride in. Now that my road bike is retired for the season, I have been taking every opportunity to use my mountain bike on gravel and dirt roads that I have avoided all summer.



In the East


To the West


Today we climbed up into the woods until my legs were aching. We explored a bit and then stopped to watch the sunrise. Thank you God for painting beautiful colors in the sky! Then it was time to speed downhill. I have never gone so fast on a mountain bike on rough gravel road. It was awesomely terrifying. I tried to refrain from using the brakes at all, but my cautious side kicked in before a couple of the sharp turns.



Now I am back at my parent’s house feeling all fired up. I am ready to cook the turkey and eat it all!

Happy Thanksgiving!

29 thoughts on “Turkey Time

  1. Up here where we have igloos and police dressed in red, we celebrated Thanksgiving a month ago. Every year it catches me off guard when you celebrate the harvest. I’m impressed that you took the time to get a ride in. Have a great day with your family 🙂


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