Mom to the rescue!

I have been out biking every single day since the beginning of June. Biking every day has changed my mindset. I used to think, “Should I bike today?” Now I think, “When should I bike today?” Biking has become a part of my everyday routine. There is only one foolproof method I know of to preserve this way of thinking: to ride my bike each day.

Usually, that is not a problem, but today it was. I am assisting an elderly couple that needs around-the-clock care. I came here last night and I am leaving tomorrow morning, which meant there was no possible opportunity for me to go biking today.

So I did what any responsible, twenty-four year old adult would do. I whined to my mom.

“All I need is a half hour, even fifteen minutes would be okay!”

My mom is an amazing lady, not only did she give birth to me and raise me, she was also willing to relieve me so that I could go on my oh-so-important ride.

At five o’clock  tonight, she came over and told me she could stay for an hour. Yippeee!

But expecting a cyclist to end a ride at an appointed time is the ultimate in naivety. I did warn her,

“I might not be back until morning, you know.”

I headed for the hills and some unpaved back roads because I was on the hunt for one thing. And soon I found it, a light dusting of snow covering the road.DSC01860 For miles it was just me and my bike riding in the darkness among creepy windmills which were making low whirring noises. The chilly air was refreshing and every part of me felt so alive. I saw deer and cows and made friends with a curious Siberian husky and before I knew it, I checked my phone to find I only had fifteen minutes left. Oops.

I made a U-turn and headed back as quickly as I could, urging my bike to fly down the hills. We pulled up to the house and I dashed inside.

Impeccable timing? Not today.

Today made me very thankful for a few things. I am thankful that my schedule normally allows me to bike every day. I am thankful that am in good health so that I can ride my bike every day-the fact that some of my cycling friends are currently sidelined really drove this point home.

And at the top of my list, I am thankful for a mom who made it possible for her whiney daughter to get out for a bike ride.

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