Making the most of the 2015 election.

DSC01681My bike and I ran some errands around town this morning, making a stop at the fire hall to vote. Election day is exciting. Well, at least I was excited about it until yesterday. Then I realized that we have one more entire year to endure the mudslinging and empty campaign promises of the 2016 presidential election.

Not cool.

When I stepped into the voting booth this morning, I decided that I did not want another year of endless political campaigning. I made up my mind. I was gonna stop whining and do something.

DSC01687So I took my ballot and wrote in another column. This is a free country. I figure if we can “write in” candidates, we can certainly “write in” columns!  In my newly invented presidential election column, I penned in each major party with the candidate that is most likely to win the primary. Then I spent a few minutes in deep thought before shading in my selection.

The final step was feeding my ballot into the voting machine.

Boom! The 2016 presidential race is over! That was easier than I thought.

11 thoughts on “Making the most of the 2015 election.

  1. Glad you are making yourself heard….and Sagan is an excellent choice. We just got through one of the longest election campaigns in Canadian history. All I can hope is that the politicians and parties spend their election budget (signs, actors, polls etc. ) in Canada. I also have to hope all of that paper was somehow recycled.


    • It is insane how much time and resources is wasted on major elections…and then the new leaders are usually completely ineffective anyway. Sagan is different though, when he wins the election he will become the first US president to be able to properly bunny hop on a bike. Yes, there is the issues of him being under the 35 year old age limit and not being a US citizen but who cares?

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  2. My local election is a forgone conclusion. I live in a heavily Democratic area. I often vote not because I have strong feelings about political matters but because I can show up at the polls on my bike and make a subtle statement to the candidates: I vote and I bike. This year I was going to skip voting as a silent protest to all the junk phone calls I’ve been getting. Now you have me re-considering….


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