A Canyon Demolished

Once in a great while, tax money is actually used to benefit taxpayers. Shocking, I know.

In the past week, two roads that I use frequently, were repaved. The one ten mile stretch really, really needed it. If someone had asked me what road I would like to see redone, that would be the very one I would choose. The entire road and especially the shoulder were all torn up and nasty. It was a total pain to ride on. Bone jarring, tooth rattling nastiness. I had to constantly be on the lookout for potholes. This was where the infamous “Grand Canyon” resided along with many of its perilous cronies.

But out of the blue, like magic, it is perfectly, absolutely beautiful for biking (and driving too, I suppose). I am thankful to the powers-that-be for making smart choices. But mostly I thank the construction crew for working through the unpredictable fall weather to make this road a great place to bike. These shoulders make me very happy indeed!


Before. I called this the “Grand Canyon” for its dangerous width and length.


After. No more canyons or potholes! Hooray!

8 thoughts on “A Canyon Demolished

  1. S M OOOO T H roads – yes please!

    A stretch of road in my neighbourhood has been resurfaced and it’s such a pleasantly smooth and quiet stretch now. It’s waiting for line-marking and I have my fingers-crossed for a bike lane magically appearing from it…. 🙂


  2. Yeah that looks like a death trap. Good that they repaved and not a hazard anymore. That definitely would have been bad on my skinny road tires.


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