Winter biking is a very serious matter.

Have I mentioned that Fall is fun this year? It has been a blast and one of the best things is that my friends, family and coworkers have switched from trying to discourage me from winter biking to teasing me about it. This is a welcome change!

Here are a few conversations that took place in the past week:

After biking to work in below freezing weather.
Boss’s Husband: Did you have your heater going on the way over?
Me: Sure did.
Boss’s Husband: Good thing, otherwise you would have died in this cold.

A customer has told me to call her if it is too cold or snowy to bike.
Coworker: Oh, you can offer her a ride alright, but she’ll never call you, she likes biking too much. You should see her in winter! For the first four hours of her shift she is all excited from biking in the snow, the next two hours she is tired and looks like she needs a nap and then the last four hours she is all pumped up because she knows she is going to be biking again soon.

I nearly burst out in laughter, is that actually what I am like in winter? Man, I must be annoying to work with!

My boss is talking about the weather forecast.
Me: Is it supposed to snow again soon?
Boss: Shhh! We don’t talk like that around here!
Me: OOPS! Sorry, I like snow.
Boss: I know, you’re disgusting.

On arriving home from work, I notice that my landlord is repairing a window on the downstairs apartment so I call out a cheerful “Hello!”
Landlord: What are you up to young lady?
Me: Just getting home from work.
Landlord: Are you biking to work tomorrow? It’s gonna get down to 20 degrees.
Me: Nice!
Landlord: You are a diehard aren’t you?
Me: Yeah, I guess I am-but so are you.
*He gives me a blank stare*
Me: You drive that car, in any weather, many more miles then I ever go! We may use different kinds of transportation, but we are both still diehards.
Landlord: Hey, whatever you say. Has anyone ever told you that you’re weird?

As I am leaving work, dressed in full rain gear, I say goodbye to a coworker.
Coworker: Whoa, Bri! I haven’t see you wear that much clothing in a long time! It must be cold out.
Me: Yup. (So eloquent.)
Coworker: I hope you wear your facemask soon, that always makes me laugh.
Me: (Very sarcastically) I am glad I can brighten your day.
Coworker: At least your weird clothing keeps you warm.
Me: Very true!

commute 011

I have no idea why this outfit makes my coworkers laugh…

This post is the fourth post of the 5 day story challenge. Gary, from PedalWORKS was kind enough to nominate me for this challenge and he wanted to read more about cycling in snow and cold.

In lieu of nominating someone everyday of this challenge, I am inviting anyone to post about a weird or funny bike ride that for some reason hasn’t made it on your blog yet. I would love to read them. Let me know about it and I will link you in my successive story challenge posts.

24 thoughts on “Winter biking is a very serious matter.

    • Thanks 🙂 Cold, fresh air is amazing to bike in, I am really enjoying it!
      We don’t have any snow on the ground right now, I should probably clarify that this is a picture from last winter!


    • Thanks Mike! But I hope your funny bone isn’t fractured because I don’t have liability insurance to cover the costs of a lawsuit in case you feel like suing me for damages…


      • I have insurance no worrries. And it may be difficult to prove that laughter, not my own clumsiness, was the culprit. Oh and I am not so legitous. Lol.


      • Wait a second, are you Simonwulf and Mike? Or am I just not processing life properly right now-which is entirely possible, haha!
        But I am glad I am not in danger of being sued I probably wouldn’t have slept all night long if you hadn’t told me 😀


      • Yeah Simon and Mike are one and the same. There was an attempt at using a pen name because I am a recovering alcoholic. between the internet and my kindle app all of my wordpresses got meshed. Lol. Keep up the awesome works God bless you!!


  1. It’s good to have your replies ready for people. Don’t people seem to ask the same questions, give the same comments. I have a vegan diet. I should print post cards to carry around to hand to people when they ask the same questions, make the same comments over and over. Where do you get your protein? You must have no energy? etc… Anyway…looks like you’re having fun. Cool.


  2. That’s a great selection of conversations. They made me laugh. It’s amazing how much we learn about ourselves and others through what people say to us. One person’s weird is another’s everyday.
    They’re serious looking goggles 🙂


  3. I was laughing so hard reading this … I love reading your blogs. I really liked the part about “we don’t talk like that around here”. As I read your post, I’m doing my Wayne’s World “I’m not worthy”!


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