A Sad Tail

Biking is awesome, but it is not completely awesome. One of the major downsides of biking is getting a close-up view of road kill. Aside from their disgusting appearance and nasty smell, it is always sad to spot a dead animal on the roadside. It also begs the question, “It that what I will look like if I get swiped by a truck?” Happy thoughts indeed.

On my commute home today, I swerved to avoid a garter snake. I pulled over so I could get him off the road-I didn’t want to see his remains on my next ride. Upon closer inspection I realized he had already been injured by a car as I could see his tail was crushed. His head was battered and bloody, I am assuming from a prolonged struggle to drag his body off the road. No matter how he contorted his body he couldn’t gain enough traction to move his injured tail. DSC01424

I touched him gently and he jerked into a frightened, painful knot. Then I scooped him up using my rain jacket and set him down in the dirt beside the road. The uneven ground proved to be a easier surface for him to work with and he slithered into the grass. Poor little dude, I hope he makes it.

Well I think that’s enough depressing stuff for the day. If the weather forecast is to be trusted, tomorrow may bring fluffy white flakes of wonder to life. Time will tell.

13 thoughts on “A Sad Tail

  1. I have a friend in Wisconsin that works from home. She rescues turtles as she is out on her lunch and evening walks. You two have the love of God and animals in common.


  2. Awe so sad. I almost put my tent down on a dead deer last night! I thought something smelled funny. I moved 20 to 30 yards away and slept great!


  3. Yeah, cats are a tough one. I like that I’ve had the chance to help a couple of creatures to safety, including a young rabbit and a hedgehog – it puts a big smile on my face.


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