Three out of Three

DSC01251I had not one, not two, but three exciting commutes this week. My life is just one thrill right after another, I tell ya!

My Monday commute was an event of historic proportions. My sister biked along with me! For the first time ever an actual, real person woke up at 3:30 am just to bike ten miles with me. I didn’t even bribe or blackmail her, she wanted to come along.

For once I got to talk aloud on my commute without all the skunks alongside the road thinking I was going crazy. But I bet most of the regular early morning drivers thought they were going crazy-or seeing double. “Now there are TWO of them?” They probably thought to themselves.

My sister and I spent the ride talking, laughing and trying to find stars in the cloudy sky. It was a special bike ride that I will never forget.

My second exciting commute was on Friday. Although I felt tired after working all day, I hit the road home with an energy and speed that I didn’t know I was capable of. For maybe the third time since spring I had a tailwind on my commute home and it was a nice, steady one. I broke the old record for my ride home by three minutes and it felt amazing. Thanks tailwind, come back again soon.

Then, of course, today decided to be exciting as well. My morning commute started out great, with the temperature hovering around freezing. I was enjoying the crisp air. As I was going down the hill out of town, at about 25 mph, I looked up to take in the night sky.

Ahh, so beautiful!

Suddenly, my bike lurched and flew, awkwardly, over some large obstacle. We landed, miraculously upright, with a sickening, startling thud. I checked over everything mentally.

“The bike’s okay, I’m okay. I think we made it.”

Thud, thud, thud.

“Nope, the tire didn’t make it.”

So I switched out tubes carefully, but also as fast as I could in the darkness. Then I jumped back on and set off, speeding down the road as fast as I could to make up for lost time. No more looking toward the sky on this ride! I made it to work ten minutes late but I had so much adrenalin that I quickly made up for lost time. It wasn’t until I got out of work that I noticed that my little morning escapade had broken the plastic reflector on my rear wheel.

On my commute home nothing “exciting” happened. But the weather was perfection. I had a tailwind for the second day in a row and the temperature was fifty degrees. I don’t really understand it, but weather like this does stuff to me. I feel like a newborn lamb in spring-I just want to frolic and dance. Frolicking and dancing while pedaling a bike is hard, but I managed as best as I could.

12 thoughts on “Three out of Three

  1. That seems to happen every time ya look up to see or enjoy a view. I believe it’s the work of Road Goblins who’s job it is to keep close watch over travelers along the road. If you’re not admiring their wonderful roads they toss an obstacle in your path to trip you up. The only way around this is to hire a Travel Fairy who will keep an eye on the road when you’re not. True…google it..or step out one morning, say, “Travel Fairy’s, Travel Fairy’s, Travel Fairy’s” softly to yourself. Then skip lightly around your bike three times while touching your nose with your right pinky finger and winking your left eye. One will appear.


    • Wow, I am so glad you are around to tell me these things, I never even knew Road Goblins existed! I am really relieved that winking my left eye summons a Travel Fairy-I can’t wink my right eye for the life of me.

      Two questions though. How much will the Travel Fairy charge me at the end of the trip, are they expensive?

      Secondly, why did you never tell me about this before? I could have avoided so much trouble if only I knew!


      • Actually, the pinky finger to the nose with the thumb extended straight up is the Fairy antenna. Winking the left eye is the catalyst that sends the message “Travel Fairy, Travel Fair, Travel Fairy”. Skipping lightly around your bike is just… for fun!! Who doesn’t like to do that? Fairy’s have no need for money or any exchange of service. This is just what they do. Like….would a butterfly charge you for enjoying their color and fluttering about? I rather think not.
        And we learn what we learn when it’s time to learn what we need to learn. No sense fretting about the past.


      • I feel so humbled that such an authority on Travel Fairies would take the time to insure I understand the finer points of fairy summoning technique! You are one cool dude!

        I will try this out for myself tomorrow, I will let you know how it goes.

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      • So this morning I followed your fairy-summoning procedure. It worked brilliantly! (Around here Travel Fairies also called skunks) Now I know why I see so many skunks on early morning rides-they are looking out for me!


      • You made a youtube video didn’t you? I’d pay good money to see you skipping around your bike while chanting and holding your pinky finger to you nose. LOL. Yes, sometimes they disguise themselves as skunks. Good job in noticing that. On another note..I just started listening to Hillsong United.


      • I probably would have…if I had a couple of extra arms!

        Hillsong puts out some great music. I love Oceans, Mighty to Save, From the Inside Out, Hosanna…so many of them. They are some of my top songs that I sing while I am out biking 🙂

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  2. Opps. I hit send a little too soon. And also spelled oops wrong. Anyhow. It’s nice to have company occasionally on our work commutes. It’s also nice to have that company be a good friend or family. The challenge now is to get your sister to ride the ten miles with you during the next blizzard. Good luck with that.


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