Time for an adventure.


Look at the pumpkins! Fall actually is here!

Lately, a slight ache has been tugging at heart. I am on my bike every day but it isn’t quite enough. When go for a ride in the morning, by the end of the day it feels like a huge chunk of time has passed since my bike and I have been out on the road. But if I postpone my ride until later in the day-I have problems with the “you should be out pedaling” nudge.

The time I do spend biking is great but inevitably I have to turn back and go home. I love my home, I love my local area, but I want to explore a bit more and push myself a little farther.

Rend Collective, one of my favorite bands, is playing in Rochester next week. I think it the perfect opportunity for my first ever overnight bike trip. It is a 160 mile trip one way so my plan is to bike down Tuesday and Wednesday (the concert is Wednesday night). Then, I will  spend the night in Rochester and bike back as far as I can on Thursday. I work early Friday morning so I will call someone to pick me up once I am done biking on Thursday.

My emotions about the upcoming trip are a volatile mix of excitement and raw nerves. Mostly, I am afraid of getting lost or having my bike or body break down. With every little weird pain I feel or every strange sound I hear while biking, I get jittery and wonder if I can actually make it to Rochester. This is new territory and I don’t know how the trip will go. What if something happens? But then I straighten my thinking out and my excitement returns.

My bike and I get to spend three days discovering new roads together. Watch out world!

31 thoughts on “Time for an adventure.

  1. It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” ~ Bilbo Baggins

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  2. We all have those “what if” worries before our first tour. I can tell you from experience that withing a quarter mile of your ride, all those heebie jeebies will be replaced by a huge smile. It’s only a bike ride fercryingoutloud.


  3. I often get these “I wonder if I can bike there?” thoughts when an event or occasion is mentioned to me. As others have said, just go do it, and you’ll soon overcome any worries of it you may have… but wait… I’ve been trying to catch up with your 4,000 odd miles already done this year by doing loads this month… how many miles will you now be doing this month?! *gets his notebook and calculator out ready…*


  4. are you camping along the way? I’ve always wanted to go bike camping. As soon as I get some paniers, there will be no stopping me. Have fun and stay safe!


    • I stayed at a hotel one night and at a friend’s place the other night, I want to go bike camping-I just need to buy a tent!
      You will make such a pro bike camper, get those panniers 🙂


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