A Friendly Ride

Biking to work this morning was delightful. At least for now, the weather has abandoned the idea of warm, humid mornings and replaced them with crisp, cool temperatures. For the first time in months I wore something to protect my ears. I am sure there are a few more hot days in the near future, but the bulk of the heat of summer has already passed.

It was warm and sunny in the afternoon for the ride home and many people were working out in their yards. I waved to everyone I made eye contact with and they all smiled or waved back at me.  A bike is such a friendly form of transportation, I love that I can connect with people in a small way just by riding past and waving.

The entire ride was filled with micro interactions. A few people I knew gave friendly honks as they passed me in their cars. A random car driver flashed the peace sign to me out the window (which I was too slow to respond too, of course). An entire flock of songbirds sang to me as I pedaled by.

I arrived home feeling with a smile on my face. My chosen mode of transportation may not be the fastest, but it may just be the best.DSC01060

19 thoughts on “A Friendly Ride

    • Eww! If I had known that these deceivingly innocent-looking flowers were used to create a coffeelike substance I never would have taken a picture of them!

      Just kidding, thank you for telling me, maybe I will actually remember their name the next time I see them 🙂

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      • There are 2 varieties. This one and another that’s called endive and used in salads. I don’t know what it looks like. They use the root for the drink by drying it and roasting it. It has a mild flavor and no caffeine.


      • No clue! When you buy chicory coffee, it’s been mixed with some other real coffee and it’s pretty strong and bitter. Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans is famous for it, but that’s typically for those who don’t like coffee, but want some sort of recreational drink with all kinds of white stuff (milk or cream) and sweet stuff added in! Their Beignets, though, are to die for!


      • I want some! Not the chicory coffee, haha…the beignets! I wonder if my dad had ever tried chicory coffee, it seems like something he would know about, I shall have to ask to ask him.

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  1. I’m jealous of your cool mornings. We too have experienced a week of low humidity and somewhat cooler temps in the mornings. However, this week it’s back to 90% humidity and with the temps we’re looking at heat index of around 95 to 100 next week. Enjoy it while you can.


  2. Cycling slows the pace compared to quicker modes of transport – you certainly miss a lot in a car. Walking slows the pace still further and makes it even easier to take stuff in, or stop to take photographs… you just don’t get to your destination as quick… but if it’s more about the journey, then all is good 🙂


    • I do like to take a walk now and then, biking is a little too fast sometimes! The only problem is whenever I go on a walk everyone I see is shocked and asks if my bike is broken 🙂


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