I never thought it would actually happen…

DSC00819For months I have done my best to find other people to bike with. Aside from wonderful bike rides with my family (shout out to my awesome big sis) I have been unable to connect with any other cyclists. I was beginning to think that all the bikers I see are lone road prowlers who never ride in packs. But on Saturday, my boss casually dropped a bomb. She mentioned that a group of cyclists meets up in front of an ice cream shop in town on Monday nights. Say what?

The same ice cream shop that I had called and asked whether they had any organized bike rides and been told, “They aren’t doing that anymore.”

Thrilled by this new knowledge that weekly bike rides were indeed being held, I decided to show up and check it out for myself. This is easier said than done, though, because the ice cream place is in the town where I work, ten miles from where I live. My timing would have to be perfect to make it back and forth by 6:00 pm.

At 3:20 I left work and biked home. Once home, I scurried around like a little squirrel; feeding and walking my dogs, taking a shower, checking my tire pressure and grabbing a bite to eat. Then I rode back to my workplace, dropped off my excess stuff and headed nervously over to the ice cream shop. I had no clue what I was getting myself into.

But when I arrived, I could not see a bike anywhere, even with my tunnel vision bike eyes. So I went inside and was told that, yes, there were normally bike rides on Monday night but usually people would be there by now. And no, they didn’t have phone numbers to contact anyone.

I went outside feeling sad. I knew it was too good to be true. I would have to wait until next Monday. But just in case, I biked a few miles and then looped back. Still no bicycles. Maybe just one more little loop, just to make extra sure…

As I rounded the very last turn, I saw a blessed sight. A man on a bicycle! And he was headed straight for the ice cream shop storefront. Hallelujah! Soon he was joined by another cyclist and I pulled over to meet them.

We were the only ones who turned up, but they assured me that normally they have a larger group. They started asking me questions about my biking and where I lived and worked. Then one of the guys said, “There was a woman who biked to work in the winter this year…”

All of a sudden he cut off and looked me straight in the eye. I must have given it away somehow because a look of understanding crossed his face. “It is you, isn’t it. I passed you on the road in the winter and I thought to myself, that person is slow to be biking out in that weather!”

I laughed. He is not the first person to think that I am a bit insane to bike in snow, but hey, I just happen to think it is loads of fun!

So then we got to the actual biking part. Twelve miles at an easy, conversational pace. They talked about their own biking, one of them bikes in charity rides as well organized races, the other fellow has started biking for his health. It was good fun, I will do my best to be at the front of that ice cream shop next Monday.

I still can’t believe it! I get to bike with people!
Boy, isn’t life grand?

29 thoughts on “I never thought it would actually happen…

  1. It’s fun to bike with other people. But I sometimes find it difficult finding people who ride the same pace as me. Either they’re too slow and I have to slow down or they’re too fast and I can’t keep up. Right now it’s me, myself and I and I don’t have a problem with that. I’m glad you found someone to ride with.


    • I love biking solo, but it was sooo utterly awesome to switch it up a bit! And I want to ride with other people for sneaky reasons as well…maybe I will be able to pick up more knowledge about biking in general. Reading stuff online and in books is cool but sometimes it is good to learn by seeing things in “real life”.

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      • It really does have it’s perks. I ride a lot of charity rides and start out riding with a lot of cyclist but as fate has it I end up riding solo because of my pase. Have fun meeting new people with similar interests. That’s the best part.

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      • It just dawned on me that you biked 44 miles on Monday and worked all day and got up at 4am. Wow. To be young again!!!


      • I may actually post about that tonight or tomorrow, because just a few months ago I would NEVER dream that I would bike back and forth from work twice-plus ride with other people. If my bike computer is to be trusted it was actually 56 miles! Just a few years ago I had zero energy most of the time, but now I can go all day, for the first time in forever I really feel like I am a young person. It is awesome!

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  2. Good for you. It’s fun cycling with others. I like both. Even when I am out alone, I often will meet up with another cyclist. We’ll chat a bit, and may decide to ride with one another awhile. I also like century rides and races. Just being with hundreds of other cyclists is exhilarating. Next you need to try an organized event.


      • Well, I guess one reason is that many events are on weekends and I am at work Friday and Saturday and at my church on Sundays. But the real reason I haven’t done any event yet is because I am a silly little goose who is afraid I am not “ready yet”. I think biking with these other folks may help me get past that barrier though, so will shall see πŸ™‚

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      • It’s normal to think you aren’t ready. No one is the first time. But you will pulled along by the adrenalin generated by the group. If you can cycle 75 km you can do 100. You may not finish 1st but you will finish πŸ˜„


  3. I am so happy for you. I know the feeling of finally finding someone to ride with. I have the perfect partner to ride with, but we seldom get to ride together. I am glad they didn’t turn out to be the racing type of riders.


  4. I love to go on adventure rides by myself, but I also love doing social rides. It’s a great way to meet others who are crazy about bicycles too. Have fun with that!


  5. I live within walking distance of a bike shop here and they do group rides 3 days a week. All different levels and paces. Group rides can be a blast. There are times though I need to do a solo ride to clear my head.


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