I am not the only one…

DSC01019My coworker had a revelation this week. When I was working with her today she told me her story.

On Wednesday at 4:30 am, she was driving to work when in the distance she saw a red light flashing on the shoulder of the road. Instantly, my coworker became confused.

“It is Wednesday, right? Why is Bri biking to work? She doesn’t work today. ” She thought to herself.

But when her car caught up to the flashing red light, she realized that…

Bri is not the only person who bikes at 4:30 in the morning! Here she had me pegged as this weirdo that was out biking when no one else would. But, as she discovered, there are other biking “weirdos” like me. Loads of them, in fact. There are plenty of people who love their bikes and will ride them whenever possible, even at odd hours of the day.

And that is why blogging is so much fun. It has enabled me to meet wonderful people all over the world who love to bike. You all are awesome, inspiring, helpful, caring and flat-out cool! I so enjoy reading about your biking experiences, thank you for sharing them. You have taught me so much. It is great to know that there are so many people who are just as (or more) enthusiastic about biking as I am.

And as for the guy out cycling at 4:30 am on a Wednesday morning, ROCK ON!

11 thoughts on “I am not the only one…

  1. I’d LOVE to see other cyclists around our area. While I know there are many, I never see them. Most I talk to are afraid of riding the roads so I’ll only see them on the trail, which I don’t ride much.


    • We don’t have trails right in my local area so every who bikes, bikes on the road. Although I did talk to one lady and she is too afraid to ride on the road so she will load up her bike and drive to a city 25 miles away to bike on a 3 mile trail. It is so sad to me-we have some great roads to bike on right in our town!


      • I’ve even offered to go ride with them on the roads to get them acclimated and to “train” them on it. Zig Ziglar had an acrostic: F E A R…….False Evidence Appearing Real. That sums it up most of the time.

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  2. \o/

    I remember when I used to cycle to school. All the other kids where I lived caught the bus – but I would cycle the few miles, leaving just after the bus and yet still making it in on time… but I too wasn’t alone on those mornings. On some mornings I would see an older guy travelling on his bike in the opposite direction and we’d exchange friendly glances and waves. I always wondered who he was and where he was going – and to this day I still have the vision of him, and his grey fuzzy beard! I’m pretty sure he inspired me to always cycle… and perhaps grow a beard 😀


  3. The only thing I miss about working is commuting by bike. And the pay of course. Now that I’m retired I still get to ride my bike every day and work still sends me a check every month. The government sends me one too. Every month. And my wife gets the same and she doesn’t earn it by riding a bike. Don’t tell work or the government.


    • Do you realize what that means? You are a professional cyclist!
      I won’t say anything…unless you start using performance enhancing drugs. In that case, I will blow the whistle and get your cycling un-sponsored.


  4. I love this post. My friends that drive BMWs chuckle at the idea of me riding a bike to the bar when we go out, or when they see me on my way to work or an event in the city. I’m the “weird guy” to so many of my Rochester peeps, and that’s OK. I do love it, and I love the idea of it just as much. I’m an odd guy so it kinda fits 🙂


    • Yeah, I am not really considered normal by anyone I know, but I am having the time of my life so I am okay with that!

      So cool to connect with someone from Rochester, I have family living there, I live about 3 1/2 hours to the northeast.


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