Exciting Times

DSC00993At the beginning of the month, I set a tentative goal to reach 700 miles before the end of July. There are still two days left in July and I have already made it up to 700 miles, which makes this month a record setting month for me. I can’t believe I actually did it! Ahh! DSC00985

In other exciting news, while I was biking last night, a cop pulled over to tell me I was “well-lit”. So now my nighttime lighting system is fully police-approved.

20 thoughts on “Exciting Times

    • Good question, Anthony. I am hoping to get at least 600 in but I don’t want to make a firm goal higher than that because one week in August will be so insane I will barely be on my bike at all 😦


      • You don’t have to make your goals higher, just make goals that motivate you. Good luck and I am sorry you will have some time away from your bike. From reading your blog, I know how much you enjoy it.


      • It won’t really be tooo bad, I will still get 60 commuting miles in but other than that who knows. It is strange, just a few months ago that was enough miles a week to make my legs happy but now I wanna bike every single day 🙂


  1. Nice work on reaching the 700 club and I know they were all quality miles too. And when the cop said you were well lit maybe he wasn’t talking about the bike!! Might be trying to get a date?


    • I hope the 700 club doesn’t charge membership fees, if so, I quit!
      Hmmm….I don’t think cops are allowed to do that while on duty are they? Clearly, their main concern is giving citizens feedback on the appropriateness of their lighting systems.


  2. Congrats! last year I did 778 in July. This year only 370.I bought a car.boo. 😦
    Your blog is great! I love your writing style and the fact that you seem to be blossoming as a cyclist and author before your readers eyes! I hope you Keep on writing and riding for many years!


    • 778 in a month is awesome and impressive! I am hoping that I never, ever have to buy a car because I am sure my mileage would go way down as well.

      And thank you so much for your kind words, they put a huge smile on my face!


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