New Biking Buddies

DSC00885I got to bike with my big sis today! We started out the day by jumping on our bikes and heading out on a short ride, ending up at our church. My sister makes me smile all of the time anyway, but getting to go on a bike ride with her was extra-special fun. We chatted, found an adorable foal and raced down some hills.

After church I hauled my dogs up to my parent’s house. They are starting to get really excited every time I pull out the trailer-they can’t wait to hop in. By the time I got up to my parent’s house my brother, sister-in-law and their four precious little ones were already there. One of the nephews came over to me and asked, “Can I ride in your trailer?”

So after lunch, I became the entertainment for my nephews and little niece (one of my nieces is a little young for trailer rides), pulling them up and down the road. They were so delighted to get strapped into the little green trailer and were very intrigued by the netting that straps down to cover the opening. I could only take two at a time, so my brother waited with the other child and they waved at us each time we went past.

After many loops up and down the road, it was time for them to go home. One of my nephews who is almost four asked me to carry him to the car.

“Thanks for riding with me.” I said. “Should we do it again sometime?”

“Auntie, I always want to be biking with you.” He replied simply and sincerely.

And that is when my heart melted and I turned into a pile of mush. It was a good day all-around.

11 thoughts on “New Biking Buddies

  1. I thought of you yesterday as a what looked to be a Rotwieller chased me for a while. Scary looking dog and I was going uphill. Turns out he just wanted to run along and play. You’ll have to take a picture of the inside of that trailer. Little TV inside? Stereo system?


    • Aww…I love Rotties, he must have been so delighted to find a friend to play with 😉

      Oh yes, I must take pictures of the trailer’s interior. There is no TV or stereo system, but it does have pouches to carry stuff in, which is way cooler than any entertainment system, right?


  2. I thought you were coming to Iowa to help me cause trouble this week!!! Today that would be a couple of hours in a bus with high school softballers and then riding after dark, but hey! I live large!


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