July is here!


The world has come a long way in three months!

It is July  and I am excited. June was a pretty busy month for me but I think the next few weeks will be a bit more relaxed. For the past three months I have been able to get in over 600 miles each months, and honestly? I have never felt better in my life. I never been more active, more strong or felt more energized. Some days I don’t think my feet ever touch the ground.

This month, I hope to break new ground. I really want to get at least 700 miles in. We shall see how it all turns out though!

To start the month of July out on a good, but not too ambitious note I put in 30 miles. Thunderstorms were predicted for most of the day but I managed to squeeze the miles in during  fairly dry parts of the day.

I discovered a new awesome hill during my ride. Steep and twisting, just what I need to practice my climbing and descending skills on. It boasts a smooth surface and to top it all off, there are no intersections or driveways anywhere near it, so I can really fly downhill without having to worry.  Even though I used the brakes liberally while descending today, I was still able to max out at 39 mph. It is a wonderful slope.

I was hurrying homeward because the skies seemed ready to burst at any minute, when I heard a man yell loudly,

“Denver, NO!”

I looked to my right just in time to see a dog sprinting after me. I love dogs. I have always loved dogs. But last summer a neighbor’s dog savagely bit my leg while I was biking out of the driveway. I have been bitten by dogs before (the by-product of being a small child and loving animals but not necessarily having the understanding of how to properly approach them) but never has a dog hated me. This dog, for some reason, despised me and three days later broke free from its chain to aggressively attack me. I had bruises and bite marks all over my legs but the pain wasn’t what shook me. What made me quake in fear was the utter evil in this dog’s eyes. He wanted to destroy me and he probably could have if he didn’t like dog treats so much. Sometimes obesity in dogs is a very, very good thing.

But do you know what was a very, very bad thing? The dog chasing me today looked strikingly similar to the vicious neighbor dog although he was a much more athletic version. In my mind, I wasn’t overly concerned, I knew that as long as I kept up a steady cadence I could outdistance him, but my body decided to betray me. My legs started shaking uncontrollably to the point that I accidently unclipped both my feet and suddenly I was scrambling to find the pedals. In horror, I looked behind to see the younger, faster version of last summer’s worst nightmare rapidly closing the gap.

Add to this the soundtrack of a man desperately screaming, “NO! NO! DENVER! NO!” My limbs were clumsy, shaky and felt like they were moving in slow motion, but blessedly I clipped back in and was able to speed up a small rise just in time, leaving the dog behind me. Then I coasted down a hill and noticed that my legs were still shaking like twigs in a hurricane. So I decided the best thing to do was to put those silly, traitorous legs to work.

I sped all the way back to town.


15 thoughts on “July is here!

  1. My friend carries those popping fireworks that pop when thrown at the ground. She throws those towards the dogs. I was riding my century ride and was tired and knew I couldn’t out run the dog that was chasing the cyclists. It started chasing and I very seriously yellowed ‘GO HOME’ at the dog. He paused and looked at me and turned around and left me a lone.


    • Haha, that’s great! Yeah, most dogs just want to have a bit of fun and chase the exciting object known as the bike rider. If the owner is outside I usually stop and wait for them to collect their dog so the dog doesn’t run out into the road, but the man was screaming so frantically, and the dog looked like the clone of my attacker so instinctively I fled 🙂

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  2. Wow. I wish I had your cycling dedication. 700 miles a month is great. I have been unable to get seriously back to cycling since my cross country adventure last year. I seem to need a destination, goal or hire a dog to chase me!! Great post, great read..thanks


  3. I read a cycling touring book (called Four Cheeks to the Wind – its interesting but not fantastic) and in the bit about kit, the writer said that she had a little device that emits a sound that dogs hate. It doesn’t cause them any pain, but they just hate it so much, the pitch or something, that they back off. The author used it a few times and it always seemed to work. Afraid I don’t know the name at all, but as an animal lover and with a vet for a mum, I really like the idea of something that would make them back off without hurting them!

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    • I do know what you are talking about, I have heard about other people using them, with mixed results, I wonder if there are certain brands that have a better pitch than others.

      I also don’t like the idea of hurting dogs…I don’t think I would be able to ever use pepper spray on a dog, for instance. Most dogs just chase us because they think we are cooler than a car 🙂

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  4. Dog encounters can definitely get the adrenaline going – hopefully you won’t have a bad one like that again. On a happy note, a few weeks ago I stopped to meet a very friendly dog that chased me while I was passing a farm house – a super happy pup that was disappointed when I got back on the bike and rode on.


    • Aww…you made a friend! I was biking the other week and a tiny yorkie puppy decided to chase me. When I stopped to let his owners collect him, he seemed very surprised to find out that I was a actual person.


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