Whenever possible, bike.

DSC00768I have been told that every day is a good day for a bike ride. So I went for a bike ride.

An hour into my ride I decided to stop for breakfast so I went in a convenience store to eat. As I was buying my apple and sandwich, the cashier, a girl somewhere around my age, asked me if I had come on a road bike. When I replied in the affirmative, she told me that she had just bought her first road bike and was eager to try it out.

I smiled. “If you ever want to bike with someone I am always up for a ride!”

She wrote down my name and phone number on a piece of paper, who knows, maybe we will be able to ride together in the future.

It drizzled a bit on the way home, but the heavens decided to save the majority of their fury for later in the day. I was surprised to see a weasel on the side of the road, I don’t ever remember seeing one out in the wild before. The weasel was just as surprised to see me, it slid back into the underbrush before I could snap a picture.

I bike so frequently on some local roads that I know all the potholes and ridges of the road by name. This one I call the “Grand Canyon”, a crack in the road that threatens to swallow every passing bike tire. I have rated it a “7” on the road obstruction scale. Although it is fairly easy to spot and avoid, this geological feature is extremely dangerous to the unobservant. I wonder how many bike tires have been victimized by this yawning monstrosity.


The “Grand Canyon” from the view of a passing cyclist.


The “Grand Canyon” from a small rodent’s point of view.


My tire fits right in, with plenty of wiggle room.

I came home greatly refreshed by my few hours of pedaling. I even managed to go through a section of road work with minimum angst, which felt like a small victory.

17 thoughts on “Whenever possible, bike.

  1. I’m glad I was able to slide back into the underbrush. I’m very camera shy. Is the bike new and tires new? I had Bontrager tires, same as yours, and after 2,000 miles every time I took the bike out I got a flat. One time I had two in one day. I had to flag down a passing cyclist who happened to have a spare tube. No nails, no punctures, just flats. Interesting.


    • Haha!

      The previous owner said she had only put about 200 miles on the bike, so I guess they have about 1500 miles on them now…I noticed a small chunk missing out of my front tire so I ordered a new set, should be here tomorrow!

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  2. Those canyons will sometimes show up in the center of the highway in the pavement seams. There was a rider killed a few years ago on RAGBRAI having his tire catch in that going 40+ mph.


  3. Length ways cracks like your grand canyon, can be real wheel grabbers on a bike with skinny wheels. One cyclist I know locally did a header due to one, breaking his collar bone and he insists on pretty fat tires on his road bikes these days.


  4. Learning the potholes is sure handy for when you come to ride at night… or when it has been raining and you know which puddles to avoid because of the lack of road beneath… or when there is a hill you want to head down at warp 10… or all of the above, if you’re that crazy!


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