So much for a calm bike ride.

When my alarm went off Friday morning at 3:35 am, I crawled out of bed reluctantly. I hadn’t slept well and my body was still fighting off this cold-sickness stuff I have got going on. But at least my headache was beginning to clear up. Thankfully, I was really busy all day at work. I was running around like crazy until two o’clock. But from two to three o’clock, I was dragging like molasses. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open. On days like this, I make myself a promise. I can take as long as I need to bike home.

So my commute home started out calm and gentle, I was just enjoying the wind on my face and the song of the birds. I had only biked about two miles when I saw my mom’s vehicle pull over to on the opposite side of the road. How very odd. She jumped out of the car and started waving me over.

And then all of a sudden my sister popped out of the car! I was stunned.

“Honey!” I called out.

She ran over and gave me a great big hug. I couldn’t believe it! She is really, truly alive* and back in the USA**! It is kinda spectacular.

After talking with her and my mom for a few minutes and making plans for how we were going to spend the night, I waved goodbye and started to bike again.

I completely forgot all about how tired I was and how slowly I was going to bike home. When I am excited, I can’t pedal at a conservative pace. I booked it home, grinning like a lunatic.

*My sister had been gone for 18 months, I didn’t know for sure that she was still real. Sure, she emailed me, but someone could have hacked into her account. Yes, she sent me letters but forgery is a thing. And how did I know for sure when we talked on the phone that her voice wasn’t cleverly prerecorded? As for seeing her on Skype, well, holograms have been used to deceive people before. (At least in movies.)

**She had strongly inferred that she was coming home July 1st and then whenever we mentioned that date, she never corrected us. That is her side of the story, at least. The truth is she lied to us and made us all emotional wrecks by coming home early. I have never been so happy to be an emotional wreak though, so I guess I will forgive her. Maybe.

Ahh! She is really, truly home! My heart is happy.

2 thoughts on “So much for a calm bike ride.

  1. Pretty sure you said a few posts ago but, where was she?!
    Very happy that you guys have been reunited. What a wonderful weekend for your family.


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