And I am celebrating in the downpour.

Note: the title is a quote from the song “Finally Free” by Rend Collective.

Today I worked the lunch/supper shift instead of my usual breakfast/lunch hours. I do prefer working early, but it is nice to get a bit of variety once in a while. My coworker and I were headed out the door at 8:30, which excited me because I knew my ride home would be perfect for watching the sunset. As she got in her car and I pulled my bike out of the shed, raindrops began to fall. Gently at first, but within a minute the rain was pounding the ground with great fury. I was soaked by the time I left the restaurant parking lot.

The road was covered with water and the skies seemed determined to turn it into a river. You know it is raining hard when cars actually slow down and drive cautiously. Then the storm really went for it by sending out a few lightning bolts here and there. Intellectually, I realize that lightning can be a deadly force but I can’t help but be delighted every time I see surges of electricity light up the sky.

Through the rain, I could still see the sun setting with pink and orange clouds across the horizon and it was beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful. And I felt joy bubbling up inside of me. Sometimes I think God just sets me up to be overwhelmed by the glory of His creation.

Four miles into my ride and the rain dropped from full force to nonexistence. The sky was quiet. I don’t know what it was: maybe the joy, maybe the excitement, maybe I got struck by lightning – but my legs, they wanted to fly. I climbed hills faster then I ever have before and my legs burned but that feeling didn’t seem important so I increased my cadence even more.

I followed a car into town and managed to stay behind it until I reached my apartment and I pulled into my driveway having smashed my previous record for biking home from work by four minutes.

And now I am going to do some quiet reading to calm myself down so that I can sleep tonight. Rides before bedtime are not supposed to be that fast or exciting.


7 thoughts on “And I am celebrating in the downpour.

    • God stuns me all the time by showing to me what a personal God He is. He cares about me and the little (and big) things in my life. As you mentioned in your post yesterday, biking is a joyride!


  1. When the hills seem flat, enjoy that ride. Ignorant happen often, so revel when you can in it. And be safe in the rain. Cars aren’t looking for crazy cyclists in the wet stuff.


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