I Love My Bicycling Lifestyle

DSC00412Every day I feel so blessed to able to live “by bike”. These are just a few little things that happened this week that made me glad to be living the way I do.

Laughing at advertisements in the mail.
Car insurance companies send me these very serious letters detailing how I am sure to save money by switching to their company. Haha, fifteen minutes won’t save me fifteen percent on my car insurance. Silly Geico, I don’t need any car insurance!

Entertaining children.
When I am babysitting children who are getting nervous because they can feel a storm coming, using my clipless shoes to stomp around like a horse is the perfect distraction.

Being prepared in a medical “emergency”.
During a visit with a friend, her little boy decided to spear himself in the mouth with a stick. I was able to whip out my bike headlight and check his mouth for injuries.

My new ride is cheap compared to a car.
My coworker and I bought new “vehicles” during the same week and this Monday she told me that because of her monthly car payment she is going to have to move back into her parent’s house. I hugged my bike extra tight that night.

Having my nephews imitate me.
When I arrived at my sister-in-law’s house I discovered that my two and three old nephews already have their future bike purchases planned out. One of them is going for a yellow road bike and a green mountain bike, the younger one wants a pink mountain bike like his auntie. Then for part of the morning they and their sister pretended to zoom around the living room on their bikes.

Bikes are friendly.
Now that it is warm outside, people are returning to the great outdoors. It is fun to wave and smile at them from my bike while they are out in their lawns working or relaxing in the sunshine. I usually get a kind greeting in return.

14 thoughts on “I Love My Bicycling Lifestyle

  1. Don’t forget all those smells you encounter while on your bike, freshly cut grass, honeysuckles growing wild on the roadside and let’s not forget the occasional dead opossum.. People don’t get to experience all that while riding in a car.


  2. Would love the ditch the car here. (and save over $350 a month) Not that feasible though. I do ride a lot and I do commute (not the whole way) into work. I have found myself on the weekends doing more runs to the grocery store on my bike with my saddlebags. The roads here into work (and distance) would not make it a safe ride. My kids need me around.


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