I didn’t really mean for THAT to happen.

DSC00460Before I headed out the door to go on a bike ride this morning, I had a 75 mile route all planned out. But as everyone knows sometimes life has unexpected surprises waiting for us.

As I headed down the first few roads, I couldn’t help feeling that today was gonna be a great day. But I was wrong, today turned out be a perfect day.

The weather was perfect. Forty to sixty degrees is my ideal temperature and the day started out at forty-one and never rose above much above sixty. There was a gentle spring breeze blowing and the sky was clear.DSC00429

The scenery was perfect. Everything is green! There are apple trees heavy with pink or white blossoms-everywhere! And all the little new animals were out playing in the sun! Little baby lambs! And kids (the goat kind)! And calves! And foals!

Heading home, my 75 mile route was almost complete. But then I had a thought. When was I going to have another day like this? A day to myself without commitments? A day with perfect weather?DSC00471

I just couldn’t waste the rest of the afternoon stuck inside, could I? I knew I had a meeting to attend in the evening but I still had two and a half hours until that started.

So I went for it.
100 miles.
And it worked.

28 thoughts on “I didn’t really mean for THAT to happen.

  1. Congrats! On the 100, on the amazing weather, on all the new little animals, on everything! I need a set of riding glasses that swaps all the asphalt and cement on my commute with farm animals, rolling green hills, and blossoming apple trees.


    • Thank you Chris!
      I feel sorry for you living in a cement and asphalt jungle, the longest I have ever stayed in a city was for seven days and I felt so closed in and strangled the entire time. I am a country girl, for sure 😉


  2. That is impressive. “I didn’t mean for that to happen…” lol.
    This lazy commuter was rubber legged after his first century(which I did on a mountain bike).After my extensive lazy ness this winter I am glad, excited for you! And feeling oh so guilty! You go!


  3. Nice. I had a 80 mile ride with a camp out then ride back planned last Friday. I came down with a flu on Friday and wound up in bed for 3 days. So..lesson…your right, take advantage when you can. Smart girl.


  4. Bri, I’ve been meaning to congratulate you on this milestone. Well done! Despite not commenting much, I always enjoy your writing and reading about your cycling experiences. Here’s to many more long rides!


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