I can’t stop smiling.

Yesterday was a great day. The weather was perfect on my morning ride. Everything has burst into a lovely shade of green and I found it mesmerizing.


Trees are budding and the young fresh leaves are beautiful. But that isn’t why I can’t stop smiling.


Friendly draft horses are always fun to see out on a ride. But that isn’t why I can’t stop smiling.


A beautiful sky on a quiet country road makes my heart sing. But that isn’t why I can’t stop smiling.

I came home from my ride, thinking what I wonderful day it had turned out to be. It only got better.Β I bought a road bike! And I checked this morning and guess what? It still exists! (And may have carved out a place in my living room.)


Trek Lexa SLX



35 thoughts on “I can’t stop smiling.

  1. You will appreciate cycling SO MUCH MORE with a great bike to call yours. Congrats. I had a Cannondale road bike I sold about a year ago. Just have my commuting mtb now. I like the “meant to be” better. πŸ™‚


  2. For some reason, this really excites me! I don’t even know you except as a sort anonymous blogger, but THIS IS EXCITING!!! I can’t wait to hear your reports and emotions (which you do so well in writing!) and your progress. Look out world! Bri has a road bike!!!


  3. Congrats Bri! It looks beautiful and I bet rides smooth. Look forward to reading your bike adventures on it. Let us know when you decide on a name. A Bike that nice has to have a name. LOL. God is good.


  4. New bike day! Congratulations! Enjoy the newfound speed and prepare yourself for the psychological avalanche of “ok, one last tweak and then my bike will be perfect! It’s not so bad. I can quit anytime I want…. just got to grab that cyclocomputer first. Then maybe a new pair of lights. Oooo new pedals….”

    You’re going to have a blast!


  5. Really should get my road bike serviced. Weather’s getting better here to. Mind you we never get snow just rain and wind!

    So used to my mtb though

    Love the trek. Lovely bike


  6. It won’t be long till you have such a stable of bikes that there will be one for every occasion. One for riding to work in the snow. One for riding to work on a clear warm starlit night. One for riding around on Sunday morning. One for picking up dates. And one for picking up apples.


    • Yeah, obviously necessities. Also, one to pull a trailer with my dogs in it, one for errands and one to use when riding with other cyclists…I am sure I am missing a few.


  7. New bike days are the best days. I love all 6 of my bikes and I ride them all. You can never have too many bikes. So happy for you!


  8. Oh my gosh, congratulations on the new road bike!

    After riding on snow tires all winter, I’m sure that feels like a rocket ship.


  9. Congratulations on your first road bike! There’s nothing else quite like it. Especially coming from a mountain bike! That was my transition as well. From the moment you’re up on the saddle, you feel like you’re going to just take off. You’re in for lots of great adventures with your new best friend, enjoy the ride!


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