Wait a second. Is it morning?

DSC00288For much of the year biking into work means biking, for all practical purposes, at night. The only indication that it is actually early morning is the time. But now that spring has returned, the days are getting longer and dawn is coming earlier.

This morning, just before I got to work, I realized that the eastern sky was beginning to get slightly lighter. Much to my delight, a few songbirds began to serenade me with a cheerful morning chorus.  What wonderful music to get me ready for a day at work!

As I dismounted my bike at the shed behind my workplace, I took a few minutes to appreciate the brisk air of a early May morning. And it will just get better.  For the next few months, I will be able to see more of the sunrise during every commute into work. ( I will never get to see the full sunrise when I ride into work. But that is what days off are for!)

On my commute home from work, the temperature was almost 70. I can’t believe it will actually be getting warmer than that. It is time to sweat, I suppose. Yay.  It is so warm out that the giant white dog got a haircut. He tried to chase me in a dignified manner, but I could tell that he was pretty self-conscious about his trim. He wanted me to take him seriously as a threat, but I think he heard me laughing at him. Oops. Next time I will have to act really scared and pedal like mad to make it up to him.

2 thoughts on “Wait a second. Is it morning?

  1. Always tough when you get a hair cut. My father-in-law used to say the difference between a good hair cut and a bad hair cut is 10 days. Your post made me chuckle at the dog.


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