April is over.

DSC00272Today is the first day of May! That is pretty exciting. But that also means that the month of April and 30 Days of Biking are over. I am so glad I decided to bike every day this month because it got rid of the question, “Should I bike today?” The reality is that every day is a great day to get out for a ride and this month confirmed that for me.

At the start of April, I thought it would be awesome if I could maintain a 20 mile daily average through the month. But then I let logic kick in, which informed me that there was no way I could get in that many miles. So I set my goal for the month at five hundred miles.

Here’s the cool thing: I totaled up all my biking for the month and I made it! I ended up getting an average of 20 miles per day with my total for the month at 606 miles, which makes April a record breaking month for me. I can’t wait to see how this coming month will turn out!

In other news, my dad and I were able to visit a few bike shops yesterday. I was able to ride a few bikes, talk to some smart biking people and get a much better sense of what kind (and size) of bike I am looking for. My fingers are crossed and hopefully I will have a new road bike soon!

It was great fun to hang out with my dad and see him “talk bike” in the stores. He used to commute by bike and cycle around with some guys from work back before the size of my family exploded, so I always learn something by talking to him about bikes. He has been overwhelmingly helpful through this whole bike buying business, I have no idea how I could do this without him.

13 thoughts on “April is over.

  1. Great job!! I am proud of you 🙂 and impressed.
    I would love to get fitted for a bike, but as I am an expat I don’t want to fork out that much money on a great bike and then have to leave it here. Shipping it would be more expensive than buying a new bike. So for now I will deal with it.


  2. HEY!! You’re up there with me on miles!! I didn’t ride every day last month, but I rode 642 miles total. Tomorrow will be a 75 mile day. We’re going to Des Moines to spend the evening with kids and grand kids and I’m camping for the night and riding home tomorrow. Excited!


  3. Great! My best month was in the 600s, and nice that it just turned out like that when you totted up the total! I accidentally did 500 miles this month – I say accidentally because this year I’ve decided not to aim for more miles… but April I made a conscious effort to improve my average speed, which I did. 🙂


  4. Great Job Bri. You kicked my tail in April. I only had 430 so just off 14 miles a day but still my best month so far and a third of what I did all of last year.


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