The Joy of a Quiet Morning

DSC00267DSC00264DSC00270I woke up this morning, headed out the door and jumped on my bike with a plan. A plan to wander. Oh the joy of being on a bike with no destination in mind, just the wind at my back and the warm spring sun on my face.

I ended up going down some roads I hadn’t biked for years. The hills seem smaller now. Okay, most of the hills seem smaller now. There was still one hill that almost defeated me. Honestly though, it felt so good to climb a hill with sweat dripping off my forehead. ‘Tis the season for perspiring!

Stomach grumbling, I went off the road and into the woods to eat breakfast. Sitting on a moss covered rock with trees all around me was the perfect way to enjoy a morning snack.

Back on the road, school buses rushed past me. Men in pickup trucks flew by, probably on their way to work. It is a busy world out there! It reminded me how blessed I am to have the morning to myself, to explore and wander the back roads of my county to my heart’s content.

14 thoughts on “The Joy of a Quiet Morning

  1. I notice that you don’t give specific info about where it is you live in upstate. Don’t tell us! I’m from upstate and I have guesses as to the general area but really no clue. It adds an element of fun to the blog.


  2. I am always so jealous of you cyclists that can cycle anywhere alone… sadly we are not so lucky here in Africa – so much beauty but you can only appreciate in a group.


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