Winter isn’t quite finished.


Winter saw an opportunity, and took it. As I started climbing upward on my bike this morning, I noticed a light dusting of snow covering the hillside. I wasn’t too surprised, since the forecast was predicting snow for today. I also wasn’t surprised when a few snowflakes started drifting down from the sky.

What did catch me off guard was the full-blown snow storm that I found myself in thirty minutes later. Good thing I thought to bring my ski goggles “just in case”. The higher up the plateau I went, the windier and snowier the conditions became. It felt so good to be back in the midst of swirling snowflakes again. I explored a few back roads and then returned to the main road. I biked for a few more miles uphill, against the wind which was kind of fun because I knew that once I turned around I would have smooth sailing on the way home.DSC00257DSC00253DSC00260

The snow died down after falling steadily for two hours. I am sure it won’t stick around for too long, with the dangerous spring sun out and smiling, but man, winter put on a good show. The best part is that I got to experience it all on my bike. Seeing the ground turn from a eager green back to pristine white, was a lovely thing.

Not that it was all good. I found out my dad’s clipless shoes aren’t rated for below freezing temperatures. My toes got the bad end of the deal.

13 thoughts on “Winter isn’t quite finished.

  1. You must have been in your element. By the way, you can get “booties” that slip over clip less shoes to ket you warm and dry. I have 3 pair – 1 for the wet, 1 for the cold, and 1 that look cool that I only wear on my good bike.

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      • What Gary said… Best for weather you like is a pair of real wool socks, foot covers for below freezing and toe covers for above freezing. Over 60 and I go back to standard socks. Over 55 and I ditch the toe covers. I’m having a tough time coming up with something else encouraging about this little return to winter. I’m glad you liked it at least. 😞


      • Thanks for all the info, that’s very helpful indeed.

        I almost felt guilty this morning, since I am pretty sure most people around here were grumpy about the snow, while I was out and able to enjoy it.

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  2. Good thing you were prepared. I was thinking as I rode to work today amidst a chilly sprinkling of rain that, although we’ve had summer-like conditions for a few days, we are certainly right in the thick of spring with it’s wet and windy days. I took my front fender off for the weekend and had to quickly pop it back on this morning. Not as challenging as a sudden snow storm, but it brought me back to the reality that there’s still a lot of wet weather before we have more sun than rain.

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